How to Make Timesheet on Google Form with Signature

The current Covid-19 pandemic has forced the education system to switch online. This makes the fathers and mothers of teachers must be able to anticipate distance learning methods. It turns out that there are many solutions that make online learning easier.

How to Make Timesheet on Google Form with Signature
How to Make Timesheet on Google Form with Signature

How to Make Timesheet on Google Form with Signature

The development of technology makes teaching and learning facilities easier. To give assignments online, you can use the Google Forms application, you know. In addition to assignments, the application can also be used for class attendance.

Even though they are at home, physical data on student attendance is certainly needed to facilitate teaching and learning activities. If you want to make an online attendance using the Google Forms application, just do the following steps.

1. Go to the form creation page Make sure you are logged into your Google account in the TSB browser.

2. Click “blank” document to start making attendance.

3. Write the title of the form as you wish. In the “question” column, the “multiple choice” and “required” features change according to your needs.

4. The following is an example of filling for the first line. To add a row, click the plus sign to the right.

5. Do the same thing as number 4 for writing classes by changing “multiple choice” to “checkboxes” and don’t forget to activate “required”, here are the results.

6. The next line includes the day and date by changing “multiple choice” to “dates”.

7. The last line to upload scan signature, change the “multiple choice” feature to “file upload”.

8. You will be asked to connect with a google drive account, click “continue”.

9. Change the type of file that can be uploaded to a signature and also change the size of the file.

10. When finished, click the settings icon in the upper right corner.

11. In the “Presentation” section, make sure “Show link to submit another response” is active.

12. If you have clicked “Send”.

14. In the link logo, click “shorten URL” then copy the URL. You can share the link in the class group,

15. This is how the form looks when accessed via the link in step 14 earlier.

16. Done.

That’s how to make attendance using the Google Forms application. To make it more interesting, you can also change the display theme. Good luck and good luck.

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