Make Your Windows PC Faster with These 4 Simple Ways

One of the worst experiences that PC users can go through, is working with a slow-running Windows computer. A slow laptop can be due to several reasons, including junk files or a virus or malware in your machine.

Make Your Windows PC Faster
Make Your Windows PC Faster

Make Your Windows PC Faster with These 4 Simple Ways

A slow PC can make it difficult for you to accomplish your daily tasks while working on the device. Fortunately, there are simple ways to make it faster without having to spend money on a new one.

Having a quick PC is vital, but it is also important to be vigilant about security. We have written a piece on 5 ways to protect your family from cybersecurity threats.

So, without ado, here are 4 simple ways to make your Windows machine faster:

1. Run a Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup is a built-in Windows feature that deletes unnecessary files from your computer. These folders can include temporary internet data, old restore points, and unused applications.

To run a disk cleanup on your PC, go to This PC or Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Right Click>Properties (last item)>Disk Cleanup.

Here you will see all the files that you can delete. Select the folders you want to remove and click on Delete Files.

Disk cleanup will free up some space on your hard drive, which in turn will make your computer run faster.

You can also use a third-party disk cleaner like CCleaner to clean up more junk files from your computer. CCleaner is a free and popular application that allows you to:

  • Remove temporary internet files
  • Empty recycle bin
  • Delete junk files in Windows folders
  • Uninstall programs from your computer, and much more.

2. Update Your Computer Drivers

Computer drivers are the software that allows your hardware and devices to work correctly with Windows. If you have outdated software, it can cause errors and make your computer run slowly.

To update your drivers, tap the Start or Windows key, then choose Settings > Windows Update > Check for updates.

If you’re using an outdated driver or an update is available, you’ll see an exclamation mark on the icon. Right-click on it and choose to update driver software.

Updating your drivers will improve the performance of your Windows PC and offer you seamless operations. If you’re a gamer this approach will come in handy, as you need all the space possible. Fortunately, mobile gaming is on the rise especially in India with PUBG being popular.

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To keep your PC sharp whilst playing games, you can also use third-party software like Driver Booster. This application will automatically scan and identify outdated drivers on your computer.

3. Disable Startup Programs

One of the reasons your computer is running slow is that there are too many programs starting up when you turn on the machine. These startup applications can use valuable resources and make your PC run slower and less efficiently.

Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box to disable startup programs. Type MSConfig and press Enter.

In the configuration window, proceed to the startup tab. Here you will see a list of all the programs that start when you power on your computer. Select the software you want to close down and click on Disable.

Disabling startup programs can make your computer run faster because it will free up more resources for other applications.

4. Run an Antivirus Scan

A virus or malware infection is one of the main reasons your computer is running slow. Antivirus programs are essential to keeping your laptop safe and free from viruses and malware.

When it comes to running antivirus, you can utilize Windows Defender to protect your computer against viruses. Alternatively, purchase third-party antivirus programs. Besides buying, there are free antivirus programs that you can download.

On the other hand, not all free antivirus programs are reliable. They only offer a lower level of protection. And they also come with a lot of add-ons and requests to upgrade to a paid version to enjoy full protection.

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