Meet the sport known as Real Tennis

Nowadays, there are two widespread sports that have the word “tennis” on their name. On one hand there is tennis, and on the other there is table tennis. A fantastic online betting site is, and it can also be used to wager on these two excellent disciplines.

Meet the sport known as Real Tennis
Meet the sport known as Real Tennis

Meet the sport known as Real Tennis

However, there is a sport that throughout history has been dubbed as “Real Tennis”. It doesn’t correspond to either table tennis or tennis.

Instead, it is seen as the predecessor of modern tennis. All these sports with rackets and balls are available on the 1xBet online betting site, which is the best place to wager on them.

The sport of kings

Modern tennis used to be known as “lawn tennis”. The word “lawn” was introduced to distinguish it from “real” tennis. Instead of being played in open-air fields as most tennis matches are played nowadays, this discipline was played in courts located inside castles.

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The discipline was known as “the sport of kings” due to the fact that it was played mostly by members of the novelty during the 12th century.

After originating in France, it became more widespread across Europe, even reaching England by the 16th century.

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Differences with the modern versions of tennis

As said before, modern tennis traces its roots back to real tennis. For this reason, there are many similarities with the current sport.

However, there are plenty of differences as well, since the disciplines have evolved a lot over the years. You can sign up to 1xBet – any live match is available to wager from the best tennis competitions in the entire world.

Some of the most interesting aspects of this sport include:

  • in real tennis, it is also necessary to win six games in order to win a set, however, it is not necessary to have a two-game difference;
  • in some high-profile matches, it was necessary to win ten games in order to claim a set rather than just six games;
  • it was also possible to play in a best of three or best of five format, depending on the importance of the match.

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