Three Reliable Methods for Transferring Long Videos from iPhone to Android

Whether you’re a casual photographer preserving cherished moments or a professional, file sizes can be a challenge. With advanced mobile phones and cameras capturing videos in various formats, including 4K, file sizes can be enormous.

Methods for Transferring Long Videos from iPhone to Android

Three Reliable Methods for Transferring Long Videos from iPhone to Android

Although large files are not an issue when sufficient storage space is available, the challenge arises when transferring them between devices. iPhone users, for example, may frequently look for ways to send videos from their device to an Android device.

Transferring files between iOS and Android devices is a breeze, with multiple options available, and cloud storage is the best way to send large video files. Discover the best cloud storage options for transferring large videos, and explore alternative methods to cloud storage.

Method 1: Free Cloud Storage with Large Capacity

Nowadays, there are numerous cloud storage services accessible that provide vast amounts of free storage space to their clientele.

These services can be employed to transfer large video files from an iPhone to an Android device with ease. The subsequent points outline the reasons why cloud storage is the most efficient method for sending lengthy videos between these platforms:

  • Unlike email or messaging platforms, cloud storage services provide extensive online storage and permit the uploading of large files.
  • Uploading significant video files from an iPhone and sharing them with various individuals through shareable links becomes convenient with the aid of cloud services.
  • Shareable links allow Android device users to access video files stored in the cloud from any location.
  • With a rare occurrence of downtime, cloud storage services offer dependable accessibility to your videos anytime.

Top Free Cloud Storage Services for Sharing Videos between iPhone and Android

The abundance of cloud-based solutions available for sending large video files can make the selection process overwhelming. To simplify your decision-making, we have compiled a list of the three best cloud services to consider:

  • TeraBox: 1TB free cloud storage, 20GB max single-file upload limit
  • Google Drive: Offers 15GB of cloud storage for free, with a maximum upload limit of 750GB for a single file
  • OneDrive: 5GB free cloud storage, 250 GB max single-file upload limit
  • Dropbox: Offers 2GB of free cloud storage, with a maximum upload limit of 2GB for a single file

TeraBox stands out as the ideal cloud storage solution for sending large video files from an iPhone to an Android device.

The fact that Google Drive and OneDrive offer greater limits for single-file uploads is not of much use, as their restricted amount of free storage makes them less practical. If you need to send long videos on your iPhone, TeraBox is the clear solution to your problem.

Using TeraBox: Sending Large Videos from iPhone to Android

Learn about the sequential procedure for moving sizable video files from an iPhone to Android by utilizing TeraBox, the most excellent cloud storage platform.

  1. Get the TeraBox app from the App Store and install it on your device.
  2. Sign in to your TeraBox account upon launching the app.
  3. Tap the “+” button and select the files you want to upload and send.
  4. After uploading the files, open the video and select the “Share” option located at the bottom of the screen.
  5. You can either choose the app you wish to share the video through or copy the direct link and send it to the intended recipients. The link’s validity period and privacy settings can also be modified.
  6. The recipients will be able to download the video from TeraBox by simply opening the link on their Android device.

Methods for Transferring Long Videos from iPhone to Android

When it comes to transferring massive videos between your own gadgets, the process is quite straightforward.

All you have to do is upload the video from one device, access the same account on the other device, and then proceed to download the videos.

The TeraBox platform is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, making it an easy choice.

Method 2: Online Platforms for Sharing Files

Are you still trying to find different methods to send lengthy videos on your iPhone? Another option you can try is using file sharing websites, but like any other option, there are pros and cons to consider.


  • An effortless way to share files through simple uploading and link sharing, without the need for account creation
  • You get ample file size limits to share large video files
  • Customizable settings such as expiration dates and password protection are available


  • When using file sharing websites, your data may be stored on third-party servers, which can present security risks.
  • Your file privacy could be compromised as the link to access them is generally accessible to anyone.
  • Unlike TeraBox, file sharing websites do not offer free unlimited storage.
  • Transfer speed could be impacted due to bandwidth restrictions.
  • File sharing websites may not support all file types.

Sending Large Videos from iPhone to Android: The File Sharing Website Method

Sending large video files from an iPhone to an Android device may involve different procedures depending on the file-sharing website you use.

Nonetheless, the standard process is similar across various platforms. In this example, we will use WeTransfer, one of the leading file-sharing websites.

  1. Visit the file sharing website and locate the “Add files” button.
  2. Choose the videos you want to share from your device.
  3. Fill out the recipient and sender email addresses in the appropriate fields or opt for the “Get a link” option to distribute files.
  4. Compose your message (if necessary).
  5. Select the “Transfer” button to initiate the upload process.
  6. Once the upload is complete, a link for downloading will be generated. You can copy and distribute the link to anyone you want to share the files with.

Method 3: Sending Large Video Files through a Computer

An alternative method to transfer large video files from an iPhone to an Android device is by utilizing a computer. Despite its potential limitations and dated nature, it remains a reliable approach.


  • Compared to wireless alternatives like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it provides more stable transfers.
  • There’s a chance to back up and safeguard your data.
  • No worries about privacy or data breaches.


  • You cannot transfer files without a PC
  • Both devices must be wired to the computer via cables
  • Compatibility problems are prevalent
  • It’s not feasible to distribute files to multiple remote recipients simultaneously.

A Guide to Sending Lengthy Videos from Computer to iPhone

  • Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your PC.
  • Wait for the PC to recognize your iPhone, which should appear as a “Portable Device” under “Device Management” in “This PC”.
  • Access your iPhone’s files by opening the “Portable Device” folder and navigating to Internal Storage > DCIM.Methods for Transferring Long Videos from iPhone to Android
  • Select the videos you want to transfer and copy them to your PC.
  • Next, connect your Android device to your PC using a USB cable.
  • Copy the video files from your computer and locate your Android device in Windows Explorer.
  • Finally, paste the copied video files into the Internal Storage > DCIM folder on your Android device.

Upon completion, the file transfer from your iPhone to your Android device will be finalized. As a result, you will now be able to effortlessly access and view the video files on your Android phone.


Sharing videos between an iPhone and an Android device can be achieved in various ways. The most efficient way, particularly for large files, is by utilizing a dependable cloud storage service like TeraBox.

By uploading the video files onto TeraBox, you can generate a shareable link to be sent to anyone you choose. This process ensures secure transfers of your data. Download TeraBox on your iPhone or iPad now and begin sharing your large video files with ease.

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