Microsoft Is Going To Test XCloud Gaming Via 5G

Microsoft is working with SK Telecom to test xCloud game streaming services through the 5G network in South Korea. Microsoft plans to show it off to the public starting next October.

Microsoft is going to Test xCloud Gaming via 5G
Microsoft is going to Test xCloud Gaming via 5G

Microsoft is going to Test xCloud Gaming via 5G

This is part of an exclusive collaboration in South Korea between Microsoft and SK Telecom, as reported by The Verge . The 5G network with minimal latency is rated as the best network for game streaming services such as xCloud, after it is officially rolled out via mmWave.

A number of SK Telecom customers will be able to try out xCloud services starting in October through both LTE and 5G networks.

Microsoft is currently focusing on testing the mobile version of xCloudwhich will be exhibited this coming October, but has yet to reveal a definite plan to showcase this service.

Microsoft is expected to unveil information related to its plan to show off its xCloud game streaming service in the Surface device announcement event on October 2 in New York, United States.

This Microsoft collaboration also indicates exclusive cooperation with mobile operators for xCloud in the future. In addition, Microsoft is also working to optimize data centers, networks and services as a whole on various networks.

And working with certain cellular operators will allow Microsoft to focus more on developing this service, while for operators, this collaboration will differentiate it from competitors so that it can attract more consumers.

Microsoft will also establish exclusive cooperation with major operators in the United States, namely AT&T or Verizon. Previously, the Minecraft Earth game that was first introduced at the Apple event will also soon be enjoyed by device users on Android.

This is known from the pre-registration game column in the Google Play Store. This column is provided to display the game that will be released for Android. Users who pre-register will get an early notification when this game has been released.

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