Microsoft Teams | Guide for Signing Up, Creating Your Team and Video Conferencing

Microsoft Teams is a tool thought and designed by Microsoft, which is oriented to group productivity. It first appeared during an internal company event in 2017, but with the onset of the pandemic in 2019, the initiative gained momentum and the launch of a version for family and friends was announced.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams | Guide for Signing Up, Creating Your Team and Video Conferencing

Therefore, it is no longer solely for the business environment, by allowing each individual to create their own chat room.

Therefore, millions of users around the world wonder how it works, what benefits it offers and how to register in Microsoft Teams.

That is why, in this article, you will find a detailed guide to this tool, which includes its main features and a step-by-step tutorial to learn how to use it on your computer. If you want to know everything about this topic, continue reading the next post.

Tool features

Microsoft Teams has a number of features, which make it the perfect alternative to Facebook Workplace or Slack. These include :

  • It is a multiplatform tool, compatible with different Operating Systems.
  • It is available in a free version and also in a Premium version.
  • It allows you to create chats with up to 500,000 users at the same time.
  • Its private chat system allows you to send internal messages to the workers, family or friends you want.
  • It can be synchronized with your Microsoft 365 account and its different applications, so you can open any of them while you have your meeting.
  • It offers a modern interface in which you can decide between having a meeting by chat or by video calls.
  • It includes 10 GB of storage for the team and, in addition, 2 GB for the user.
  • Ability to blur the background in video chats, share files with other users, create collaborative documents, share screen or tabs, etc.

How to register

You should know that, if you have a Microsoft 365 account, all you have to do is go tothe official website and click the “Sign in” button to access Microsoft Teams. Now, if you do not have this requirement, you must follow the steps described below:

  1. Click ” Sign up for free ” to access the free version of Microsoft Teams.
  2. Write an email to set up Teams and hit ” Next .”
  3. Choose how you want to use Teams and press ” Next “.
  4. Enter an access password and click ” Login “.
  5. Finally, configure how you want to appear and press ” Next “.
  6. In this simple way you can register in Microsoft Teams, for free, from your computer.

How to create a team

Once you enter Teams, depending on the purpose you chose during registration, you will be able to see your first team in the chat bar on the left side.

However, this will be empty at first, so you have to click on it to start adding participants. Now, in case you can’t see this option, follow the steps below to create the new group:

  1. Click on ” New Chat .”
  2. Click on the option ” Add group name ” and write the name for your new team.
  3. In the bar ” To: ” write the data of each of the people you want to add.
  4. Finally, write a message and send it to finish creating the new team.

In this simple way you can create your team or group in Microsoft Teams. It is worth mentioning that you can also include members in the group individually by browsing the different chats and clicking on the icon of the man with the “+” sign.

How to start a video conference

To start a video conference in Teams you must log into your account, and follow the instructions shown below:

  1. Click on ” Meet Now .”
  2. Give your team a name.
  3. Press the ” Get a link to share ” button. In this way, you can send the invitation to those you want to participate in the meeting.
  4. Finally, click on ” Start Meeting “.

It is important to clarify that, when starting the meeting, you must grant Teams access to the camera and microphone of the team to be able to use them during the chat.

How to download it

Since this is a multiplatform application, it has different versions for each Operating System, including Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and also a web version.

Therefore, to download it, you have to click on the link that corresponds to your case and complete the necessary procedure in each one:

Desktop version (Windows and Mac): in this case, you can visit theofficial websiteor go to your profile in Teams and press the arrow icon in the lower-left corner.

Then complete the necessary steps and login to the desktop app again. In the same way, by clicking on the icon with the three dots, you will be able to select “Download the desktop version”.

Android: if you have an Android terminal, you can go toGoogle Playand download Microsoft Teams to your mobile easily.

Microsoft Teams(Android)

Microsoft Teams(iOS)

As you can see, Microsoft Teams is a very useful tool, both on a personal and corporate level. Well, it allows you to connect and create videoconferences, quickly and easily. Best of all, it is available for different Operating Systems.

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