How To Use Microsoft Teams To Study And Work From Home

How to Use Microsoft Teams: In these times we hear more and more about working from home, online teaching lessons and the importance of smart working is becoming increasingly popular. Working remotely from home is a solution that could offer companies many advantages in the future too, first of all reducing operating costs.

How to Use Microsoft Teams to Study and Work From Home
How to Use Microsoft Teams to Study and Work From Home

Microsoft Teams is a fundamental application that helps to better manage work and distance learning. If you don’t know it or if you intend to use it through this guide, let’s see how to use Microsoft Teams to study and work from home with its chat and video chat platform designed to simplify group work.

How to Use Microsoft Teams to Study and Work From Home

Through this guide you will discover what is and how to use Microsoft Teams, the free productivity platform for smart working and distance learning.

Here Microsoft aims to make known with its Microsoft Teams program the possibility of creating a remote organization by simplifying group work , to put in contact those who work in different offices of large and small companies through video chat and document sharing. .

What is Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams
What is Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s project for the Teams program began to take shape in July 2016 so much so that the most famous software house in the world had released Teams Free a free version of the service.

Microsoft Teams is proposed as a reference point not only for messaging or exchanging documents between colleagues but also for many other tasks as it integrates perfectly with other Microsoft products such as the Office suite, with Outlook, with the Onedrive cloud, OneNote, Skype and SharePoint.

Today the program is quite mature both as regards the professional part and the educational part for schools. There are various free and paid versions of the Microsoft Teams platform for all Windows, macOS, Linux operating systems and for all Android and iOS mobile devices.

How to use Microsoft Teams on PC

  • To use Microsoft Teams for free on your PC as a first step you need to create aMicrosoft accountwhile if you have an Office 365 subscription you will be directed to your created Office account. As for the educational use of Microsoft Teams, it is the school that must provide the access account to teachers and students.
  • After creating a Microsoft account, you can use the platform unlimitedly with up to 300 contacts in a chat, make audio and video calls, exchange files and documents and much more.
  • After creating your Microsoft account start the browserlinked to thiswebpage then scroll down then click on the button with the word Download Teams to start downloading the installation file. As you can see the desktop version of Microsoft Teams is available for the Windows, macOS and Linux operating system. Once you have downloaded the Microsoft Teams file suitable for your operating system, proceed with the installation and at the end start it to start using the program that allows you to study and work from home.
  • From the first screen that appears, click on the Register for free button then on the next page that opens, type the email address of the Microsoft account you created earlier and press the Next button.
  • When asked How do you want to use Teams? check one of the items For school (in this case you must enter the address issued by the school), For friends and relatives or For work.
  • At your choice, press the Next button then type your Microsoft account password and press Sign in . After registering, go back to Microsoft Teams enter the email and password with which you registered for Teams and click on Sign in.
  • After activating Microsoft Teams on the screen where you find yourself click on the Continue button and then on Create a team inviting people to the platform by creating a personalized profile for each one. The profile can be Private (users must have permission to join) or Public (everyone can join the team).

Once you have created a work team on Microsoft Teams you can use all the other services included in the free package. For example, you can organize business video conferences with remote virtual meetings . During this session it is possible to share files, documents (Word, Excel) and Power Point presentations among members.

With Microsoft Teams, you can have both individual and group live chats and communicate remotely with each team member at any time by splitting the screen to view all members of the conversation on the monitor.

In case you are a school teacher you can very well do remote video lessons with your students. Microsoft Teams in chats also allows you to insert emojis, animated GIFs, stickers, and much more.

How to use Microsoft Teams on your smartphone

As I wrote you in the first paragraphs, you can use Microsoft Teams to study and work from home even through your smartphone and tablet.

  • As a first step, if you have an Androiddevice, start the Google Play Store or alternatively for an iPhone or iPad device withiOS system, enter the Apple App Store and start downloading and installing the app.
  • After you have downloaded and installed the Microsoft Teams app on your mobile device, start it, then from the first screen that appears, press the Login button and enter your login data if you have already registered with Teams (Microsoft account or school account), otherwise press your finger on the Register button for free to make a new registration.
  • Once you have registered or logged in if asked, follow the on-screen instructions and create your profile, then you are ready to start a private chat or a one-on-one or group conversation.
  • To invite other people Teams prizes with your finger on the icon in the form of a comic placed bottom right tab Chat.

For more information on how to use Microsoft Teams on your mobile placed on Chat, press the icon in the shape of a balloon then press your finger on T-Bot and ask the questions.


And we’ve come to the final notes of this guide on how to use Microsoft Teams to study and work from home. If you have any issue, comment us in the comment box.

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