Mobile Legend Tricks To Immune Blood, Easier to Avoid Large Damage

As we know, there are six types of heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. These include fightertankassassin, magesupport and marksman. And this time, Our team has prepared the Mobile Legend tricks of immune blood. So, you can more freely kill enemies or create assists.

Mobile Legend Tricks To Immune Blood, Easier to Avoid Large Damage
Mobile Legend Tricks To Immune Blood, Easier to Avoid Large Damage

Mobile Legend Tricks To Immune Blood, Easier to Avoid Large Damage

Each type of ML hero has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, cooperation is the core that is able to cover and increase the strengths and weaknesses of each of these heroes.

As we know, assassin and marksman are types of heroes that are capable of dealing massive amounts of damage. Heroes who are in late game moments can be so painful and deadly.

Well, to anticipate this, the author has prepared the Mobile Legend tricks of immune blood. Starting from the choice of items that you can use, both items to reduce damage to increase lifesteal, as well as the right choice of heroes to face opponents with high damage levels.

Want to know what? Continue to see the description below, yes.

Item Defense to deal with heroes with large damage

One of the items below is suitable for those of you who like to play tank or fighter heroes. Don’t worry, each item below has been recognized and is often used by e-Sport athletes in official matches. Just check it, let’s go.

Sky Guardian Helmet

This Mobile Legends item is suitable for use by fighters and tanks. The effect of this item is able to increase HP when you leave the battle. You see, the Sky Guardian Helmet item has the effect of increasing HP regeneration by up to 1.5 percent.

In addition, other effects will also be given when you finish off your opponent. Which will trigger the active effect of increasing blood regeneration by up to 0.4 percent.

Twilight Armor

You could say this is the most suitable item to use against opponents who rely on critical damage. Examples include Granger, Bruno, Yi Sun Shin, to Aldous.

You see, the passive effect of this item is able to limit the damage received to 900 only. As a result, no matter how many attacks the opponent gives, the HP reduction is only 900 points. Disastrous for marksman and assassin, right?

Winter Truncheon

Lastly is the Winter Truncheon item. This item makes the mage the perfect opponent for marksman. Either in the early, mid, or late game, you can face the marksman more freely.

The reason is, this item makes the mage immune for 2 seconds. And wouldn’t 2 seconds be very valuable in a fierce battle? Especially if you activate it at the right moment, it could potentially turn things around!

Blood Enhancing Items in Mobile Legend

To become immune doesn’t just increase defense points. You can also increase the points from the lifesteal. The more profuse the lifesteal, the harder it is for your opponent to kill you, right?

Therefore, the Mobile Legend trick so that the second blood is immune is to take advantage of blood booster items. Want to know what?

Haas’s Claws

If you are looking for the best and reliable, don’t forget to buy Haas Claws items at the item shop. There have been many professional players in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who recognize the efficacy of this one item.

The Haas Claws effect gives an additional 20% life steal for the using hero. A fairly large number and can help the hero survive even if he gets hit by the opponent’s rank, right?

Endless Battle

There was a time when Endless Battle was the champion of many players. Due to nerf from the developer, this item is rarely used. Even so, the additional 10% life steal effect is still worth considering.

In addition, this item also provides additional effects that make marksman generate greater damage, CD Movement Speed, and additional True Damage.

Necklace of Durance

Mage also has a blood booster item that can be used. And among several options, according to the author, the Necklace of Durance is the best one.

Even though this item only adds 10% life steal, the other effects are no less frightening, you know. You see, this item NoD is able to reduce your opponent’s regeneration points. So it is really suitable for dealing with marksman or assassin that has high life steal and HP regeneration, right?

[Bonus] Use a Hero with High Immune Power

In addition to the right item arrangement, choosing a hero with high immune power can also be a trick of the Mobile Legend with immune blood. Luckily, there are several hero options that you can use. Now, as a bonus, the authors include a selection of Mobile Legend heroes who have high immune power.


This is the favorite tank of many players. In fact, Atlas was also used as a meta hyper carry by some professional players.

Atlas’s skills are fairly complete. Especially skill two, namely Perfect Match, makes Atlas activate the ejected mode. When entering this mode, Atlas becomes immune from various attacks, including crowd control.


Whether in the Epic tier or Mythical Glory, no one doubts Uranus’s abilities. Acting as an offlaner or tank, this legless hero is capable of completing his role well.

The basic ability to regenerate HP makes Uranus quite difficult to deal with. Plus the shield that was produced from skill two, made Uranus so fierce and daring to guard his own lane.


Last but not least is Khaleed. This hero has skills that allow him to regenerate HP. The effect of this second skill makes Khaleed immune from physical attacks, magic, and crowd control.

In addition, the sand that protects Khaleed when activating the second skill can be used to absorb damage up to 50 percent. Later, any damage received will be changed by Khaleed as an additional HP. Quite troublesome, right?

Those are the various tricks of Mobile Legend. Hopefully, the explanation above can help you to win in this MOBA game.

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