Modernize Your Online Heath Care Presence

Keeping your online presence up to date is vital in many different businesses. One of the business sectors in which this may be most vital is healthcare. Having your healthcare practice or center with a relevant, up-to-date online presence will help your business thrive and ensure that the right people can find you.

Modernize Your Online Heath Care Presence

Modernize Your Online Heath Care Presence

One way to build an online presence that is relevant to your business and will attract and create a bigger client base is to use healthcare SEO tactics. Some businesses need help creating a modern online presence that helps their business; this will also affect how many patients can find them.

In this article, we will discuss some of the healthcare SEO tactics that can help your business grow an online presence. This will not only help your business but also ensure that it continues as technology and communication change.

Google My Business

One of the quickest ways to have your healthcare business found online is to register with Google My Business. Google My Business is a free service you can register for with Google. However, many people do not realize that to control your business profile, you will need to register for a free business email for the company through Google.

When you are building your online business presence, it is important to show things like contact information, opening hours, and key information that someone would need to know. Having your location pinned to allow easy access to directions through Google Maps is also a good idea to allow people to find your business without stress.

Once you create your business profile on Google, it will show more details about your business when someone searches for something similar. For example, if someone was doing a Google search for ‘optometrist near Georgia’ and your healthcare business also does optometry, your business profile will show.

However, once you have entered the information into your Google My Business profile if you do not have a linked business email address and account, you will not be able to make changes to this account, including changing web addresses or telephone numbers.

Having a Google My Business account is a useful tool when building your healthcare SEO, as this is something that will link back to your business. Not only this, but as this is a free tool, you can make use of it can be an easy first step in building your online presence.

Google My Business will make your business stand out more if you use this to engage with people and build on your business information using the Google My Business profile. You can do this by adding further information to your profile and communicating with people who leave reviews or add to your profile.


As a healthcare business, having reviews from previous patients can help people feel they can rely on you for their care. Engaging with these reviews will help push your business further up the search engine listings when someone searches.

Engaging with different reviews and commenting on the care that has been given, whether the review is positive or negative, is the important part.

By engaging and responding to reviews and comments on your profile or connecting to your business, you continue to build an online presence that shows that you care beyond the care given in your center.

Not only can you promote and respond to the ones that may appear on your Google Business profile, but you can also showcase reviews by having a professional website that allows reviews. Showing these reviews and engaging with them will again highlight this to people when they view your websites or find your business.

Other ways to engage would be to offer other forms of appointments, whether you can do an online consultation or video appointment. You can mention these different communication methods on your website or in your reviews.

It is important to offer further care and communication and reach out to more potential patients who may not leave their homes. All of these engagement methods will help you build your patient base and invite more people to find your website and business as a whole.


Whether you choose to make help pages for basic conditions or you want to include key information about different routine practices. Having engaging and relevant content on your website that is connected to your business will also help get your business seen by more people.

Content can be in short form, with easy videos to help someone understand the symptoms of a cold, or longer content detailing how a certain medication works, or procedure is conducted, which can help build engagement. When creating content, you can use a social media platform to show this and help others engage with it.

Social media can be a fantastic way to create content with which people can engage. It gives your business another way to engage with people and provide an online presence people can find, and it also allows you more control over how you want your business to be seen.

Some people will choose to use social media to find a potential business to interact with as they can see more information about the business and those involved in it.

If you do not wish to create content yourself, you can work with companies and people to have relevant content created and managed on your behalf.

If you do not have the time or the resources within your business to manage an extra online presence, it could be worth looking into companies that can help you or hiring someone to work on your company’s social presence.


There are numerous healthcare SEO trends and tactics that can be implemented in your business to help create more footfall for your business. By using some of these tactics, you can not only help get more patients for your business but also ensure your business will continue in a world where more modern types of communication are used instead of the telephone.

However, it is important to ensure that you include basic location and communication methods when you post information about your business, as some people will prefer to visit to book an appointment or call. Using different platforms and ways of communication can help your business flourish and also help people find you when in need.

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