How to Move YouTube Videos to WhatsApp Status Easily

Currently Youtube is at the peak of its fame and this application is even able to overthrow television ratings in the hearts of its viewers. The videos presented by YouTube are so diverse that everyone is interested in sharing them, especially on WhatsApp status. How to move YouTube videos to WhatsApp status? There are so many ways to move the video.

How to Move YouTube Videos to WhatsApp Status Easily

How to Move YouTube Videos to WhatsApp Status Easily

Even complicated to easiest methods are presented for users. This time the easiest way will be recommended which anyone can do. Within 5 minutes, users can move YouTube videos to WhatsApp status. Here are several ways to move videos from YouTube to WhatsApp status:

1. Go to the YouTube page and search for the desired video

The first step in how to move YouTube videos to WhatsApp status is to go to thewebsitepage. Users can visit YouTube via this link Alternatively, users can enter the YouTube application which is usually provided directly from Android, if not, users can download it first. Next, look for the video you want to insert into WhatsApp or provide the video directly.

2. Copy the desired video link

Users who have found the video they want then the next step is to copy the video. At this stage, it is not the video that is copied but only the link. The goal is to carry out the actiondownloadon the video.

Users justscrollto the bottom of the video, the copy link feature is right under the YouTube video so don’tscrolltoo far. Users select the ‘share’ feature, then many options will be displayed. Look for the ‘copy link’ option, then the feature and make sure that it has been copied correctly.

3. Download the desired video first

In this section there are two alternative methods that users can do if one of the methods is not working properly. The first way is where users can click the following link The user will be taken to thewebsitepage and a simple display box will appear.

Insert the video link that was copied previously. Click ‘Download’, then the user will be taken to the next screen. At this stage, the commanddownloadwill be carried out, select the desired video quality and click ‘Download‘. Note, if the first method doesn’t work, you can use the second method.

This second method is very easy compared to the previous one, because the user simply opens another tab. Paste the link that was copied previously in the new tab. Don’t forget to add the words ‘ss’ in front of the YouTube text. After the command is carried out the user will be taken to the download screen. Click ‘download’ to save the video.

4. First Share the Video into Whatsapp Status (Optional)

This step is completely optional, why is it optional? At this stage, videos are shared, as is known YouTube videos have a long duration while WhatsApp statuses only last up to 30 seconds. Users who want to share their videos can do the actiondownloadfirst in the Splitter application.

Users simply enter the video they want to include in WhatsApp status. Select the ‘Select File‘ option box, then the user just has to wait until the process is complete.

For those who use this step, users do not need to save the video clip. Simply select the WhatsApp icon and insert it into the WhatsApp status.

5. Send Videos to Whatsapp Status

This step is used for users who do not need to share existing videos. It only requires a small part to be included in the WhatsApp status. Users only need to carry out the usual actions by entering WhatsApp, selecting the WhatsApp status feature and the video and part that will be included in the WhatsApp status.

How to move YouTube videos to WhatsApp status given this time is the easiest way. Of course, this method rarely fails to be used, many people have succeeded in doing it. That way, users can share videos from YouTube to their WhatsApp account.

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