Movie Maker 10: Download for Windows and Alternatives

Movie Maker is a discontinued Microsoft application for creating and editing videos from your computer. In 2017, the program was abandoned and has not had any kind of update or revision since then.

Movie Maker 10: Download for Windows and Alternatives
Movie Maker 10: Download for Windows and Alternatives

Although there is no official link to download Movie Maker 10, you have different platforms that still keep the file to be downloaded in various versions of Windows. You just have to meet the requirements and enter the portal of your choice.

Movie Maker 10: Download for Windows and Alternatives

However, it is necessary to mention that as it is a discontinued application, the program may throw errors or incompatibility when exporting the edited video.

Therefore, it is recommended to use this program only to familiarize yourself with the editing tools, since they are basic and simple.

Therefore, in this article you will see how to get the latest version of Movie Maker, its features, advantages and disadvantages and other alternatives for editing videos.

How to download and get the latest version

Before starting to say the platforms on which the latest version of Movie Maker is obtained, it is necessary to emphasize that one of its requirements is to have the .NET Framework 3.5 application installed.

Also, the processor must be higher than 1GHz and a RAM memory above 256MB. That said, you have 2 safe alternatives to download the latest version of Movie Maker for Windows.

From Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a recognized virtual library in which you will not have any risk of downloading a malware or malicious file that could harm the functioning of your computer.

Here you will be able to download the 2012 version of Windows Live Essentials, and with it, Movie Maker and other old applications. Its platform is in English, but you can translate it with the help of a browser.

To download this file, click on this link. and choose one of the download options, either “Torrent” or “Windows Executable”.

Then, double click on the file and run it on your computer. You will see that the installation will start and you will have to select the ” Photo Gallery and Movie Maker ” box and then click on ” Install “.

From Uptodown

This platform has been characterized as one of the safest on the Internet to download old or unofficial files. The uploaded links are reviewed and studied.

So you will not have any malware or malicious virus problem that affects the performance of your computer. Having clarified this, you can download Windows Movie Makerand run the file to get it installed.

Keep in mind that the program may throw an installation error, however, this does not mean that Movie Maker has not been installed correctly. As it is an outdated app, it will present compatibility problems.


Movie Maker is an ideal program for the inexperienced who want to start interacting with video editing tools. In this list, you will see some of its most notable characteristics :

  • Narration by microphone.
  • Transitional texts.
  • Use of video transitions, although a bit dated.
  • Creation of titles or credits.
  • Import of images, videos and audios.
  • Video animations.
  • Capture video and audio from a video camera or a webcam.
  • Share the video directly on any Internet interface.
  • Export in .wmv format.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any program, Movie Maker has its advantages and disadvantages as a video editor. Next, you will see the good points of this program:

  • If you have Windows XP with Service Pack 2, the program is innate, so you will not spend money.
  • It has a comfortable, intuitive and practical interface. If you are inexperienced, it is ideal if you want to familiarize yourself with the basic tools of an editing program.
  • The program is designed for short films or short films.

On the other hand, it is also important to mention the negative aspects that detract from the quality and performance of Movie Maker. In this list you will see what its disadvantages are:

  • Hangs with large files.
  • Its files can only be played with Windows Media Player.
  • Just save in “. wmv “.
  • It has predesigned titles and effects.
  • It has compatibility errors.
  • It does not have updates.

Other alternatives

As Movie Maker is not an optimal program to correctly edit the videos of your choice, in the following sections you will see some more powerful and effective alternatives that you can download to your computer.


Filmora is characterized by being an easy-to-use program and has complete editing tools such as cropping, combining, using green screen, dividing, among others.

In addition, it has more than 300 effects to design and create creative videos with photos, videos or a combination of both. It is functional for both amateur and professional video making.

Official site

VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC is a Spanish program that offers to create and edit videos of any complexity, whether to create a family video or a formal presentation for an organization.

You will have its basic tools at your disposal and you will be able to apply filters, make corrections, transitions, among others.

Official Site


Its use is similar to Movie Maker. Shotcut is an open-source tool compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS (OS X) and is characterized by having a very simple platform despite the fact that its interface is in English.

If you are looking for a program with basic and not so complex tools to edit or retouch videos, this is a good option.

Official Site


VideoPad is a free video editor with which you will have the possibility to export videos in 4K format. In addition, it has the option to share the creations directly on your social networks and you can import different multimedia files, such as audios, photos, videos, among others.

However, it should be noted that it has advertising, although this does not hinder the creation process on a large scale.

Official Site:

As you can see, it is still possible to download and get Movie Maker 10 on Windows through the platforms mentioned above.

However, keep in mind the errors that may occur when running the program. For this reason, 4 alternatives to Movie Maker have been detailed to create and edit videos from your computer.

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