Moving Out 2 (Switch): Tips For Perfecting Your Talents In the Art of Change

Moving Out 2 maintained much of the structure of its predecessor, but the new features of this sequel to the world of eccentric moving brought new layers of fun and challenges. Therefore, there is nothing more fair than preparing yourself adequately to transport all types of objects in the most varied scenarios.

 Moving Out 2 (Switch): tips for perfecting your talents in the art of change

Moving Out 2 (Switch): tips for perfecting your talents in the art of change

With this objective in mind, we brought these tips for you to become the employee of the month at Leva e Traz and the biggest reference in changes in the city of Caixópolis!

Think big

Starting with the largest objects may seem obvious, but it’s advice that many people, in their rush to get started on work, end up forgetting. By the time they realize it, it’s too late, and the back of the truck is a mess.

Prioritizing items such as beds and sofas is crucial not only to optimize the internal unloading area, but also because these wider pieces have larger surfaces, which are used to house smaller objects. It’s an excellent use of space, as you’re stacking the furniture vertically instead of simply throwing things next to each other.

And speaking of optimization, here is a tip that may be as obvious as the previous one, but certainly very important: when housing objects, be very careful about wasting space.

Did the item enter the highlighted area? Put him against the walls! This way, that corner won’t be left empty, which could be occupied and leaving more space vacant for other items. This type of organization is crucial to success in the phases, avoiding a few clicks on the restart button, sometimes because of fewer seconds.

Who said taking shortcuts is always wrong?

The most obvious way to carry an object is not always the best. It may seem quite intuitive to carry everything along the same route, but it may represent a huge waste of time.

This is particularly true for parts that you can jump with, which gives you more flexibility in choosing the route to the truck; If you can throw it, even better! You won’t even have to go the whole way, just get to the point where you can blow the thing up and move on to the next target.

This is why professional movers work hard

Taking advantage of the hook from the previous tip, I recommend that you use and abuse the throwing mechanic, especially in the case of smaller objects.

Few strategies in Moving Out 2 save as much time as not having to make the entire journey between the place where you picked up the item and the truck multiple times.

Of course, for this you need to have good aim. There’s no point in throwing things indiscriminately in any direction — it can even backfire, and what should save seconds ends up slowing you down and wasting your efforts. So here’s some additional advice: train your aim when shooting!

Patience and attention, young grasshopper

Before releasing the timer, the game takes a panoramic tour of the levels, showing the scenery and highlighting the objects that we need to collect. The tip here is: don’t be in a rush to get straight to the action. Make good use of this stage tour by taking a close look and planning your strategy.

Create a roadmap in your head: analyze the best paths; see which objects to save first; find the main obstacles or, on the other hand, the points of the internship that can benefit you. There is no time limit to start the change, so take advantage!

So, what did you think of these tips for becoming a top-notch transporter inMoving Out 2? Any other advice you find helpful? Send them in the comments and come help your colleagues!

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