Top 5 Best Music Apps For PC Windows

While with the emerge of online streaming platforms, the realm of local solutions is fading away, still tons of users still like to listen to their music in an old-school way. If you are one of them, this article will help you find the best music apps for Pc Windows, so you can manage your music library and listen to your music offline.

Top 5 Best Music Apps for PC Windows

We have cut the list short and picked the best five music apps, including premium and free apps so that you can groove to your music without welcoming any trouble or internet connection.

Without wasting more time, let us have a look at the best music app for Windows PC. GarageBand for Windows continues to be the most used music production software. So, we have covered all the composing apps other than GarageBand.

Top 5 Best Music Apps for PC Windows


VLC is an open-source media player known best for its video-handling excellence. Still, the VLC has high compatibility with various audio files, including WMA, FLAC, ALAC, and a lot more common and uncommon files, which is a great option to save your music.

VLC also lets you create a playlist out of their music collection and stream it. Another well-known feature of VLC is that it comes with a built-in equalizer as well as some of the advanced audio management features.

With VLC, you can manage your music easily. You can drag and drop your music, and it will automatically sort it out in folders. You can also manually categorize your music based on any other metadata genre, artists, and navigating your music through their in-built search tool.

VLC also supports multiple extensions. Moreover, it is incredibly lightweight and supports Linux, Mac, and Android. VLC is the best option to manage your music and videos in one application without any hassle.


MusicBee is the best over-all music app for PC Windows. The application is best for users with extensive music collections and best-known for its organizing features. MusicBee comes with a clean and easy to use interface. You can import your iTunes music library easily.

Additionally, you can also use MusicBee to organize your podcasts, radio stations, and audiobooks. This free app comes with plenty of features such as cross-fade functions, gapless playback options, band-equalizer options, automatic metadata import, etc.

MusicBee supports all kinds of audio formats and comes with an auto DJ feature, enabling you to sync with and plays similar artists or genres for you. It also supports various plugins for more customization options. If this is not enough, you can also control MusicBee through its mobile app.

Additional bonuses include controlling theme and colors. Overall, MusicBee is a comprehensive and the best music app for PC Windows; you can easily install or take advantage of the portable version.


MediaMonkey is another free music application that is perfect for playing and organizing music as well as videos. Undoubtedly, it does an excellent job in both fields. MediaMonkey comes with automatic tagging tools that allow you to tag files using industry-standards. You can use MediaMonkey to download your favorite podcast, and it is highly compatible with audiobooks.

It supports various audio formats. Additionally, it comes with some useful features such as burn music to DVDs, rips CDs, syncing files with devices, manage volume automatically, and more.

MediaMonkey comes with over 10,000 playlists and makes tagging and organizing easy. The app arranges your music into a logical hierarchy. However, if you want complete control over your managing and organizing, you need to install a third-party plugin.

With the paid version, you will be amazed by the interface of MediaMonkey. You can also unlock various useful features by spending a couple of bucks and take your music application to the next level.


Dopamine is one of the best music apps for Windows PC, thank to its intuitive interface and simplicity. The download process is speedy, and the setup process is exceptionally free from all the hassle.

Once you download the app, you will be amazed by its interface and automatic updates. All you need to do is show the application where your music is, and it takes care of everything for you.

It lets you customize themes and colors as per your desires. All the options are straightforward to navigate, and you would not have to search for each option or spend minutes.

Dopamine supports multiple audio formats such as MP4, AAC, WAV, OGG, and more. Dopamine’s features include automatic meta-tagging, scrobbling, Displaying lyrics, and more. Although it might not contain all the features like other music apps on the list, Dopamine is the best option for amateurs and beginners.

It’s an exceptional interface enough for Dopamine to stand-out out of all the other music applications mentioned on our Best Music App for Windows PC list. However, to use some of the features, it needs windows 10.


Foobar2000 is undoubted the best music app for Windows 10. It comes with a primary interface, yet plenty of customization options to make it look the way you want. Foobar2000 comes with some advanced tagging tools and advanced features such as pasting data between fields, batch processing, tracking numbering, etc.

Additionally, it enables you to play audios in any format, including rare forms using the right plugins. There is an extensive keyboard shortcut, which makes Foobar2000 the best app to manage complex audios.

With its interface, you can get the right information you want in the format that is comfortable for you. You can experiment with various settings using its built-in Scratchbox. Moreover, you can also save custom layouts as themes to use it anytime in the future.

Foobar2000 identifies and erases duplicate tracks when you rip an audio CD and look for metadata for untagged music. Overall, Foobar2000 is the best option for users with smaller music libraries.


Each music app comes with its features and reasons to pick them over others. However, choosing the best music app comes down to your preference and needs.

To say which music app is best for you, we would recommend picking VLC as it comes with a sleek interface and exiles in managing both audios and videos. Similarly, we recommend Foobar200 as the best pick for you if you are an amateur.

Similarly, if you are looking for a feature-rich music app, MusicBee and MediaMonkey is the best pick. Moreover, if you need an exceptionally easy to use music app, Dopamine should be your choice to consider.

So, now it’s your time to make a decision and pick the app that you liked the most.

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