MusicBot | Apple Music Assistant Based On Shortcuts That You Have To Try

Let’s face it, Apple Music doesn’t have the best user interface compared to other competing services. Although in recent years it has been receiving important revisions, Apple has not yet managed to find the key to effectively transfer all the content it offers through its streaming music platform.

MusicBot | Apple Music Assistant Based on Shortcuts that You Have to Try
MusicBot | Apple Music Assistant Based on Shortcuts that You Have to Try

MusicBot | Apple Music Assistant

It has even reached the point that there are already developers who have managed to teach them some lessons in terms of user experience.

In this case, we find a solution designed to take advantage of another of the great news of iOS in recent years.

The Shortcuts, whichhave been with us since iOS 12 but that were born from the purchase of Workflow by Apple, have proven to be an incredibly practical tool to make the control of the system of our devices even more efficient and intelligent.

And now, this improvement has been extended to Apple Music with MusicBot.

MusicBot is a tool created by Federico Viticci, which uses Shortcuts to interact with the Music app intelligently.MusicBot scans our music library on the device itself, safely and privately, and offers us more advanced sound controls, smart lists created according to our habits, access to ambient music, among many other options.

And of course, we can access each of them from our start menu or with the voice.

These shortcutswill solve some of the shortcomingsthat the native music app still maintains years later. Hopefully from now on take note in Apple to make these shortcuts cease to be necessary in the future.

And although Apple Music is on the right track, the truth is that it still lacks a good push.

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