Best N64 Emulator For Windows, Android And MacOS

N64: Nintendo 64 is a well-known game configuration. It is developed by Japanese Technology and if you are a geek or probably a gamer, you certainly know the term “NINTENDO”.

Best N64 Emulator for Windows, Android and MacOS
Best N64 Emulator for Windows, Android and MacOS

The last console that used cartridges and presented some of the best legendary games such as Perfect Dark, Pokemon, Ocarina of Time, etc.

Not everyone wants to spend money on a Nintendo console, even if it is great. However, we want to play games on it. There is only one way to get Nintendo64 on your personal computer called “emulators”.

Yes! Theemulators N64is the solution to your wish. Emulators are worth using, but you can choose the one that works best for you. We are here with some of thebest N64 emulatorsthat won’t take your pocket. So, without wasting a lot of time, let’s go to the intro.

Well, if you have no idea about emulators and how they work, you can read our previous article based on emulators. In this article, we have listed the best iOS emulators and explained how they work.

Best N64 emulator

1. ClassicBoy

ClassicBoy considered one of the best N64 emulators supported by several systems. The emulator supportsNEW, SNK NeoGeo, Playstation and N64.

However, each platform works separately, but you don’t need multiple emulators for each platform. In short “A compact emulator”.

The functions offered by the emulator include gesture control, sensor support, recording / loading, etc. This emulator is sometimes faced with stability problems. So you can try it for free once before buying it.

ClassicBoy (Emulator)

For Windows PC: try this superior Android emulator to run ClasicBoy on Windows.

2. Mupen64:

A paid but affordable open source emulator with multiple features and a decent look. Mupen64 is called the basisof N64 emulators.

So you have to understand the powers that this emulator can have. However, no update is available. Even if it is not updated, you can search it on PlayStore and find many N64 emulators created on the basis of Mupen64 codes.

However, the emulator is affordable and you only need to pay $ 0.99 as an optional gift to support the development. It is optional to pay, but if you like this N64, you have to support it. Overall, a great conceptual emulator.

Official Link

You want to download something from PlayStore but it pays. Well, you want to get it for free? There are few alternatives to get a paid app for free.

Knowing how to download paid apps for free from Playstore Apre Root and Sans root also doesn’t forget to upload similar content.

3. Mupen64 PlusFZ:

Mupen64 Plus FZ is one of the latest andbest N64 emulatorsto date. FZ is not that simple and easy to use. There are hundreds of files, ringtones, videos and other content in the game.

It is an unpredictable application, as few games work with profile settings and few of them do not. The application is descriptive and characteristic plugins, usual emulator elements. We recommend it because this emulator is updated regularly.

M64Plus FZ Emulator

Do you want to extend the trial version before choosing a paid version? Because sometimes a free trial is not enough for the whole experience. Will, extend the test software.

4. RetroArch:

RetroArch is also complicated, but can give you the best result if you learn how to use it. Supports many different systems and players can download cores (for the system emulator).

RetroArch auto analyzes backups / uploads from your file library, remaps commands and can even load cheat codes. Truly an awesome emulator which is absolutely free and open source. RetroArch can do more than 80 things, but you have to be patient to learn everything.

Visit RetroArch

5. Project64:

Project64 is a better N64 emulator developed on the C programming language for Windows. The emulator uses plugins to allow a third party to use its own plugins for file implementation.

Few people have encountered malware issues after downloading from external links. However, the problem was resolved later and the latest one is completely safe.


5. UltraHLE:

UltraHLE isa better N64 emulatorwhich has been a big step towards the world of emulation since the release of 1999. The emulator was developed by RealityMan Epsilon. UltraHLE has been discontinued due to legal concerns raised by Nintendo.


Best N64 emulator for iOS and Mac

1. iDOS

iDos brings back the moments of nostalgia from the 80s and 90s. It lets you play original DOS games on your iPhone or iPad. It is a customizable floating gamepad for full screen mode, a software keyboard compatible with a laptop and a virtual gamepad.

In addition, it’s full of stars, Major Striker, Duke I / II, the kingdom of Kroz II and Wolf3d, this handmade square from 3d Realms.

2. Nds4iOS

TheNds4iosemulator is preferable The N64 emulator for iOS allows you to read Nintendo DS ROMs on iPhone and iPad (under iOS 5.1.1 and later). You can run it non-jailbroken using its sneaky workaround.

The emulator includes cool features like Dropbox integration, support for the iOS 7 controller, options for the style and position of the control pad.

What is Nds4iOS:

  • Nintendo DS emulator for IOS.
  • Jailbreak is not required to use NDS4iOS.
  • Run DS roms on iPhone and iPad.
  • Have fun with Nintendo games.
  • Compatible with iOS devices running iOS 5.1.1 and later.
  • Run and play roms for free.

How to install the Nds4iOS emulator on Mac:

Step 1:Launch Safari and go to Then go to the Applications tab.

Step 2:Scroll through the list and search for nds4ios. Notice if it is marked as revoked. If not, you’re ready to go.

Step 3:Tap it, then tap Install. When prompted, click Install and follow the instructions. It’s as simple as that. Once done, go to the Settings app and trust the developer. You can now install the ROM or reload your game data.


So these were some of the best N64 emulators available in 2019. However, few of them were paid, but the maximum is free. We have listed the available emulators.

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