Here Is NACON Expands Its Line Of PS4 Accessories

NACON is pleased to announce two new officially licensed products for Sony for PS4: the Streaming Microphone and the Wired Compact Controller in the new Camouflage version.

Here is NACON Expands its Line of PS4 Accessories
Here is NACON Expands its Line of PS4 Accessories

Designed for contentcreatorsonPS4,NACONhas developed the ideal product for recording and streaming. The highly precise and effective sound capture reproduces the voice with crystal clear details. Equipped withcardioid technology, theNACON Streaming Microphonefeatures a directional recording capable of eliminating background noise.

PS4 Accessories
PS4 Accessories

It also features ananalog-to-digital converter(ADC) with 16bit / 48khz resolution to support each connection. Its sober and elegant design with backlight is ideal for any type of setup.

The NACON Streaming Microphone for PS4 includes a sturdy metal tripod and a small anti-noise panel to block out background sounds. The microphone is available at a suggested retail price of € 79.99.

NACON expands its line of PS4 accessories

With over a million units sold worldwide, theNACON Wired Compact Controller is now also available in a Camouflage versionthat FPS and stealth lovers will love.

The Wired Compact Controller offers all the essential features that gamers need, including the front touch pad, the headphone jack and two vibrating motors.

Its ergonomic design is well suited to all players, and the soft touch finishes guarantee the ideal grip for optimal comfort even during long gaming sessions.

The Wired Compact Controller is also compatible with PC. The Controller is available at a recommended retail price of € 39.99.

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