Top 10 Nintendo DS Emulator for PC

The mythical Nintendo console, the Nintendo DS is considered one of the most successful laptops in the history of video games, something that is due to itsextensive catalog of high quality video gamesand the novelty that the integration of a double screen orDualscreen meant.Screenthat offered aunique and revolutionary way of playing for its time.

Nintendo DS Emulator for PC
Nintendo DS Emulator for PC

Top 10 Nintendo DS Emulator for PC

Although the days of the Nintendo DS are long gone, we can currently make the most of their best titles such as Pokémon, Zelda, Super Mario and many more through theemulation of the Nintendo DS from your PC.

Therefore, In this post we show you which are the best 10 DS emulators that you can find to play on your PC. Without further ado, join us!


Despite its name, we are facing one of the most popular emulators for Nintendo DS that are available for Windows. In this sense, it is one of the few emulators recognized for supporting almost 100% of the games released for this laptop.

In addition to this, its development team offers periodic updates that do not stop integrating interesting options that seek to improve our experience in front of the computer.

DeSmuMe gives the possibility to play DS games using a controller connected to the PC via USB. In addition, its customization options help you scale the game andoptimize its graphics to achieve the best possible image quality.

All this, without affecting the performance of your computer a bit, since DeSmuMe is extremely light and consumes a minimum of RAM memory.

Download DeSmuME

No $ GBA

The leading emulator on this list is No $ GBA, a free emulation program that gives us the ability toplay all the titles from the wide catalog of the Nintendo DS and its predecessor, the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.

All this, from a single interface and in the most fluid and comfortable way that we could expect.

Playing the DS games that you like the most is extremely simple with No $ GBA since it is a very light portable application that has multiple customization options.

Thus, you have the possibility toadjust the graphic options of the games you want to run, save your games at your convenience, calibrate the running speed of the games, and much more. To do this, you only need to have a folder with all the Nintendo DS ROMs that you want to play and that’s it.

Download No $ GBA


Another of the best free emulators to enjoy Nintendo DS games on your PC is iDeas, a project that has been launched for many years, but is constantly being updated to increase itscompatibility with most of the games on the market. NintendoDS.

In this sense, among the most attractive features of this emulator is the fact that it is completely in Spanish, as well as the fact that it offers an easy, but complete customization tab.

In this way, it is possible to optimize the graphic quality of the games, making them look even better than the original DS.

Incidentally,with iDeaS you can enter cheats on your favorite games, customize the accessibility buttons for a better gaming experience, and much more. All this from a very comfortable interface that leaves nothing to be desired.

Without a doubt, an alternative worth trying. Especially if you are interested in taking advantage of the main games on this laptop.

Download iDeaS


Renowned for offering thepossibility of playing in Multiplayer mode through a WiFi connection, MelonDS is another quite attractive emulator of all the existing ones to run Nintendo DS games on PC.

Thus, the best way to take advantage of multiplayer titles such as Mario Kart, Mario Party and many more is through this simple, but how-to and attractive emulator.

Almost everything offered by the best emulators on this list is also part of the benefits of MelonDS, thus, it is possible to performrescaling of 2D and 3D games without affecting PC performance.

In addition, it also has support for controls via USB. As if that were not enough, it is a free open source emulator that is available for Windows and Linux.

Download MelonDS


Running games in a fluid way that touch 60 FPS thanks to the optimization provided by OpenGL 2.0, NeonDS is another excellent emulator that gives us the possibility of running the best Nintendo DS titles on our PC in a comfortable and simple way.

As expected, this emulator is not compatible with all the games on this platform, however, it does have afairly generous compatibility listthat includes the most representative titles of the beloved laptop from the great N.

There are many customization options with NeonDS, and it is that we can adjust the graphic quality of the emulator to adjust it to our pleasure, alter theframerateof the titles to have a more fluid experiencein some games and the use of the touch screen is so comfortable and easy to use that only merits the use of the mouse.

Download NeonDS


RetroArch is one of the most popular free emulators of the moment. This is because it is not a proper Nintendo DS emulator, but rather a multi-platform software that emulates different video game consoles and laptops.

Among them,Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, and of course, Nintendo DS. As for DS-oriented emulation experience, it is one of the best free alternatives we can get.

This is due to all the possibilities that this emulator offers, which range from improving the graphics by adding shaders, to automatic translations andmany accessibility functions.

All this, going through the possibility of using external peripherals and an extremely comfortable and easy-to-use interface, even for users with little or no experience using this type of software.

Download RetroArch


Although it is not the most complete and powerful emulator that you will see on this list, we want to mention DuoS, a Nintendo DS emulatorideal for users with low-power hardware PCs.

Thus, we are facing free emulation software that can run on practically any computer and offer a comfortable and accurate gaming experience.

Regarding its compatibility, if it allows to play the majority of the platform’s games, however, it falls short in terms of customization options when compared with RetroArch, iDeaS and other emulators on this list.

Despite its limitations, DuoS isa very stableand comfortableemulatorthat allows you to play your favorite games without major problems, being able to even add cheats to your games without major problems.

Download DuoS


Dualis is free emulation software thatreleased its latest version in 2007and that gives us the ability to play a considerable number of Nintendo DS titles from computers with Windows operating systems.

Despite not being one of the most recent emulators, the truth is that it does enjoy a certain popularity due to its stability and fluidity of play on low-end computers.

This emulatoris compatible with x86 / Win32and has basic customization options that, although not the most generous, do help to greatly improve the gaming experience in front of the computer.

Download Dualis


Although it is not the emulator with the most generous compatibility list that we show in this list, DSemu is a very stable emulatorcapable of fluently emulatingthe best games on the Nintendo laptopat close to 60 FPS.

This emulator has an extremely simple interface that everyone could use and thatdoes not break with the canons of traditional emulators.

So if you are not new and want to start with a Nintendo DS emulator for PC, you can try DSemu and familiarize yourself with the gaming experience it offers.

Download DSemu

Citra: Nintendo 3DS Emulator

The Nintendo 3DS is a more recent version of Nintendo’s dual-screen portable, so it has titles with better quality graphics and a more recent game catalog.

Therefore, we do not want to miss the opportunity to recommend Citra,the best Nintendo 3DS game emulator for PCthat we can get on the internet to date.

Yes, Citra has a fairly limited compatibility list, but the important thing is to know that the most important games on the console are present there and that in addition, developers are currently working to update and grant greater and better possibilities to their users.

As information that might interest you,Citra is compatible with multiplayer via Wi Fi, something that could be ideal for exploitingmultiplayer games.

In addition, it allows the use of controls via USB, provides facilities to optimize the screen resolution and much more. Do you dare to try it?

Download Citra

With all these options at your disposal, you have no excuse to start playing your Nintendo DS games from the comfort of your PC. We hope you enjoy it!

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