How To Use Nintendo Switch Pro Controller On PC

Many people play thePC with a mouse and keyboard, but some genres are more suitable for using a controller. If you have a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, you can use it with your Windows computer at virtually any time.

In this detailed guide we will see the use of aSwitch Pro controller with a PCviawired or wireless connection, as well as how to make it work correctly with the various titles.

How to Use Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on PC


The Nintendo Switch Pro controller supportsBluetooth, allowing us to pair it wirelessly to the PC.(If your computer does not support Bluetooth, you can still use the wired method.)

Note:The controller must be charged at least partially before starting the Bluetooth pairing process.

  • In your computer’s System Settings, selectBluetooth and other devices.
  • Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. The lever will be blue, with the text below that says“Now detectable as <PC name>”.
  • On the Nintendo Switch Pro controller you will find the sync button, located next to the USB-C connector on the top of the controller. Let’s press it until we see thegreen lights at the bottom of the controllerflashing with a chain effect.
  • From your computer, clickAdd Bluetooth or other device.
  • The system should show a list of devices available for pairing. Choose ”Pro Controller“.
  • The pairing process will begin, with the Connection message displayed under the device name.
  • A confirmation screen will then appear, stating that the controller can now be used with the system. The bottom of the Switch Pro controller should only show one square lit in green (typically, the leftmost one).


The Nintendo Switch Pro controller should work with anyUSB-A to USB-C cable, with the simplest option being included with the controller.

  • Connect the USB-A end of the cable to a USB port on the computer.
  • Connect the USB-C part of the cable to the top of the Nintendo Switch controller.
  • We wait for Windows to recognize it. Usually, we will hear an audio signal as this process occurs.
  • IfSteamis running on the system, a blue light ring will light up around the Home button.
  • Sometimes, on the first attempt, the system may not recognize the controller: we made it work after disconnecting the cable from the controller and reinserting it firmly.

How to configure Steam for use with a Switch Pro controller

Some launchers will automatically recognize the Switch Pro controller after pairing or connecting it to your computer, butSteam requires that you enable supportbefore it works with the game library.

  • In the Steam menu bar, we go to Steam> Settings> Controller> General controller settings.
  • Check the box next to Switch Pro Configuration Support.
  • If you prefer the default Nintendo layout, select Use Nintendo Button Layout. Otherwise, leave it unchecked to imitate the default Xbox controller layout.

We hope now you can Use Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on PC. If you have any questions, comment us in the comment box.

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