Nvidia RTX 3000 – Everything You Need To Know

With all the rumors in circulation for a few months now; I think the time has come to take stock of the situation and also my predictions as a crystal ball on what futureNvidia rtx 3000 graphics cards will look like.

Nvidia RTX 3000 - Everything You Need To Know
Nvidia RTX 3000 – Everything You Need To Know

So let’s start from what is said today in the world internet community: it is thought that obviously the new cards will be called: 3000, rtx 3000 and not 4000-5000 or something different and more specifically there are rumors of three models: RTX3090 , 3080 and 3070.

Future architecture will be calledampsand this is not really a rumor but a fact.

Nvidia RTX 3000 – Everything You Need To Know

Some references for raising more or less imaginative predictions are being taken from theA100 GPUs; the first GPU more amps and however unveiled byNvidiathat however you have nothing to do with future RTX, because we are talking in this case of a professional graphics card.

Another certainty is that forthe new GPUs, Nvidia goes to the 7 nanometer production process (teamfealt)which will allow to pack many more transistors; practically double the number compared to the current generation. The first models are expected in September.

Probabilmente will come out some high-end models and then go to scale down, we could even get to the first months of 2021 for graphics cards as the corresponding of 2060, so a potential RTX 3060.

It is said that consumption will be very high, even for the top of the range modelit will be possible to consume up to 350 wattsand there is talk of huge cuts also as regards memory, in fact it is rumored that precisely always top of the range will be equipped with even 24 memory jig.

Nvidia RTX 3000 – Performance

History shows thatthe future RTX3080 should have performance equal to or slightly higher than that of the RTX2080Ti; while the top of the range that is rumored today could be the RTX3090 although in my opinion it is more likely to be a 3080Ti; it should have about 30% higher performance than a current RTX2080Ti.

D i a consequence RTX3070 should be positioned more or less in the performance of a current bandRTX2080or better since this generation have been introduced also the super versions is possible that a 3070 equivalent without going over; in this case, the performance of a super.

Some rumors estimate that the future top of the range, so let’s imagine these 3090 or 3080 more probable in my opinion, can haveeven 50% higher performance than the current top of the range, therefore an RTX2080Ti.

In my opinion these performances, if we talk about generic performances,are a bit too much!50% more is a bit too much, I would stop around 30%.

I believe it is for the 3000 series RTX;Nvidia will crushthe accelerator in a much more consistent and overbearing way precisely on the characteristics of the RTX family; thereforeon the performances as regards the management of the ray tracing in real time and of the tensor cores, therefore of the DLSS.

So are these Mbiti that I think might be real idea of percentage increase reaching 50%; that is, it will potentially increase the performance of DLSS and real-time ray tracing management ; 50% more than what the 2000 series RTX cards are able to do to date.

Yes, 50% but only in this type of service, not in general services.

Nvidia RTX 3000 – How Much Memory Will They Have?

There has beenrumors of 24 GB of memory, I think that for a consumer card, it is really really too much!In my opinion, the memory cuts will fall between 8 and 16 GB. Quindi all graphics evenings with no less than 8 GB maybe the TOP range could reach 16 Gigabytes.

The last graphics card thatNVIDIAhas named with a 90 was the 2012 GTX690 and it was a dual-gpu graphics card that is with two gpu positioned on the exact same PCB.

Here are some who think that theRTX3090could be such a solution. But I see it really very unlikely!

A DUAL-GPU solution to date would have truly fluctuating performancebecause the games optimized to work well with two graphics cards are very few in addition to the fact that in recent years there has been some loss of interest regarding the configurations with dual graphics card .

A DUAL-GPU configuration works well in a professional environmentwhere the software that is used are few compared to the huge amount of video games and software for the consumer world and those few software can be optimized to the maximum and really make a difference in that area, that is to say double the performance.

In a consumer environment it cannot be done as it would bring consumption to stellar levels therefore it would seem to me a really too risky move.

How Much Will They Cost?

Nvidia has continuously made leaps and bounds in pricing / raising graphics card prices. Just to give you an idea when theGTX 1080tiwas presented,the official list price was€ 835while theRTX2080ti was appreciated € 1279.

It istrue that we went from GTX to RTX,but they were always two top of the range of the time and this price change is equivalent to + 50% of the list price.

I believe that unfortunately this climb is not over yet and in the 3000 series or as it will be called,NVIDIAwill goeven further and could evenprice the future top of the range around € 1500 if not something more.


Friends, this is the situation, still certainly quite smoky! I have given you the details that you know, the certain things and my predictions. In case there are updates I will make a new article about it.

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