6 Best Offline And Online Zombie Games For Android

Among the various types of Android games, zombie games are perhaps one type of game that also has a lot of fans. There are lots of challenges and lots of fun. And for you fans of this type of game, Our team has summarized six of the best Android zombie games, both offline and online!

6 Best Offline and Online Zombie Games for Android

Who doesn’t like playing games about killing zombies? Perhaps, only a few of the readers are afraid. More readers certainly feel the excitement when playing it.

Because so many people like to play this type of game, the Zombie game has even become one of the pop culture phenomena that has proven successful across the ages.

In fact,battle-royalegames likeCODMobileandPUBG Mobilehave also developed Zombie mode. Of course, in order to provide new challenges and excitement to players.

Unlike the types of zombie games on PC or consoles, the most popular example isResident Evil, there are only a few scary and tense elements of the Android zombie game. The game element that takes precedence is precisely what triggers and challenges.

So, for those of you who like Android zombie games, Our team has prepared six of the best zombie games that can be downloaded via thePlayStore. Curious?

Best Zombie Game Offline Android

There is a huge selection of games of this type on the Play Store. So many, of course, make it difficult for you to make choices. These five zombie games are the best among the various options available.

Dead Effect 2

Instead of just killing constantly, you can get adventure elements from the gameDead Effect 2. This is a game with a survival mechanism (survival). And like anysurvivalgame in general, you are required to shoot every zombie attack, to an alien creature.

However, as the game progresses, you will find confusion. There is a story that you can explore. And with each development, you can get a prize in the form of a new type of weapon; later you can use it to fight Zombie attacks.

Download the game Dead Effect 2

Dead Trigger 2

Indeed, this best Offline Android zombie game has long been available on the Play Store. However, it’s still fun when compared to other zombie games. There are various types of content that you can play for a long time.

Unfortunately, this game rarely gets updates from the developer studio. Because you rarely get updates, you will find various types ofbugswhen playing it.

Apart from the shortcomings above,Dead Trigger 2’sgameplay is fresh and full of challenges. Moreover, you can get the best graphics from this Android game. Without going to length, just download it, yes.
Download the game Dead Trigger 2

Into the Dead 2

Most of the offline Android zombies today usually useFirstPoint Shootergameplay or strategy games with aTop-Down perspective. However, it is different from the offline zombie gameInto the Dead 2.

This is unique because it offers completely different gameplay. The reason is, you will be chased by runner-type zombies. This means that you are required to run as far as possible to avoid the zombie attack.

Eits, but it’s not just running, you know. You are also given a way to destroy the zombie invasion. In addition, there are various challenges and missions that you can complete. In fact, you are also given the option to have a dog!

Download Into the Dead

Best Online Zombie Game

The advantage of playing this type of game is the excitement of playing with friends. In addition, there are various modes that you can play. So, if you can’t wait, here are three of the best online zombie games that you can download.

Unkilled – Zombie FPS Shooting Game

Many people say that this is the heir toDeadTrigger 2.Developed with slightly better graphics, there are tons of missions that you can play.

In fact, there are additional features that you can’t get from the previous game; examples such asBossFightsand onlinePlayer versus Player ( PvP ) modes.

Unkilled – Zombie FPS Shooting Gamealso supports console use, you know. That way, you can feel the sensation of completing missions and killing zombies in a more fun way.

FYI, there are two types of onlinePvP offered. NamelyFirst Person Shooter( FPS ) andSkirmish Ops mode. For the first mode, of course, you already know, yes. While the second mode, you can play with friends to face the zombie invasion and have to survive until the end of the game.

Download Unkilled – Zombie FPS Shooting Game


This is an Android zombie game developed by NetEase.LifeAfter is an MMORPG type game orMassively Multiplayer Online Role playing game. This means that you will be playing a game that is a little like an RPG, but with many other players.

So, the gameplay is similar toRagnarokM Eternal Lovebut with a touch of nuances and zombie monsters. It’s just that, there is no character class classification in this game.

You are only required to survive zombie attacks, build a defense base, and share food or weapons with other players.

Download LifeAfter

Dawn of Zombies: Survival

The last best online zombie game you can download isDawn of Zombies: Survival.Developed by Royal Ark, this game uses gameplay that is true to its title; that is, survive.

There are many excellent features that have been provided; including building on ground level and underground, hundreds of missions andstoriesthat can open access to new characters, various types of vehicles, realistic designed images, and much more.

The advantage of this zombie game is perhaps the developer’s attention to always make updates or updates. That way, every player can feel calm when they encounter a disturbance; either in the form ofbugsor other errors.

Download Dawn of Zombies

After today’s description of the enamp of the best Android zombie games offline and online. You just have to choose, which version of the game you want to play.

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