How to Open Passworded ZIP Files on Android

Different from PDF or Word files, Zip files cannot be opened directly. Usually there is a password that protects the Zip. No need to worry, because there are several ways to open a zip with a password. Here are 6 ways to open passworded Zip files on Android, just by needing these 6 applications:

How to Open Passworded ZIP Files on Android

How to Open Passworded ZIP Files on Android

1. 7Zipper

First there is 7zipper, which can open Zip files and organize files on Android. The zip will be easily opened if you use the following application. Users can download the Zip first, then search for the Zip file via 7Zipper. Press the Zip file, and the Zip will automatically open.

Of course, the way to open a Zip file with a password on Android is very easy and fast. Users don’t need to bother thinking about the Zip password, because it can be opened automatically through this application.

2. RAR for Android

Next there is RAR for Android, a complete application that can manage Androidsmartphone files. Not only does it open locked Zips, the following application can even repair damaged Zip files. To protect files on Android, users can add a security password.

This application can also save or archive files. So users can rest easy if a file is lost, because it has been backed up by RAR for Android.

3. WinZip

The following application can be used anywhere, namely WinZip. Not only Android, WinZip can also be used on iOS, Mac and Windows. Another advantage of this application is that its appearance is clear and simple, so it is easier for users to operate it. WinZip can open Zip, as well as other files very quickly.

Not only opening and reading files, this application can also manage files. File management such as sorting the same photos, low-quality photos, to files that are too large. WinZip is very complete, so users don’t need other applications.

4. Solid Explorer File Manager

Next there is Solid Explorer File Manager, which can open various files. Locked files, such as Zip or RAR, can be opened quickly using this application. Users can also save and manage files from this application.

Another advantage of this application is that it can back up files, so users can rest easy. Users can use this application for free, for just two weeks. After that, users have to pay if they still want to use this application freely.

5. ArchiDroid

Zip can be easily opened with ArchiDroid. The following ArchiDroid application can be downloaded on the internet or Playstore. If the application has been installed on Android, then go to ArchiDroid.

Press the Unpack Archive option, there will be three dots in the Archive File Path option, press the three dots. Look for the Zip with the password, then go to Our Path.

Next, decide where to save it. Press the key symbol, then enter any or free code. Press the Use Password option then the OK option, then press the eye symbol. Check the selected Zip, then press Unpack and enter the code created. Finally press OK, the Zip file has opened.

6. X-plore File Manager

Lastly is X-plore File Manager, which can make it easier for users to open Zips and organize files. How to open a Zip file with a password on Android, you can open the Zip in an instant. Users can also easily organize files because folders are shown along with their sub-folders.

So, from now on, you don’t need to be afraid of Zip passwords, because you can use the method above. Choose a way to open a passworded Zip file on Android, which suits the user’s needs. Of course, all the methods above are guaranteed to be effective and also fast for opening Zip on Android.

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