How to Open Telegram On a Windows Computer or Laptop

One of WhatsApp’s big rival Messenger applications is Telegram. This application, made by Pavel Durov from Russia, which was launched in 2013, has many advanced features, is easy to run and the rules are not as strict as WhatsApp.

How to Open Telegram on a Windows Computer or Laptop

How to Open Telegram on a Windows Computer or Laptop

Even Telegram users can send videos without any limitations on duration and file size. This is different from WhatsApp, which limits the size and duration of uploaded videos. Even though you can send videos with larger files via the send document menu, the file size is still limited.

Apart from several advantages, the Telegram application on a smartphone can also be opened on a computer or laptop via a web browser or by installing the PC version of the Telegram application.

The appearance of Telegram on a laptop or computer is exactly the same as on a cellphone. Apart from having a wider appearance, we can send messages without having to open Telegram on our smartphone.

Even if we forget our cellphone at home and at the office we have logged in to Telegram on our PC/Laptop device so we can still open or send messages.

How to Open Telegram on a Laptop

The following is how to open the Telegram application on a Windows Laptop or Computer OS via Chrome, Firefox or another browser:

  1. Open the Telegram application on your cellphone
  2. Tap on the menu icon in the top left corner
  3. Select Settings , then click Device
  4. Click the Connect to Desktop button
  5. The Phone Camera will open with a QR Scanner box
  6. Next, open the browser on your PC or laptop
  7. Go to the Telegram Web address, namely
  8. Point the camera at the QR code that appears on the computer screen
  9. If successful, Telegram Web is ready to be used to receive and send messages

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram which runs on a desktop PC can still be used even if the cellphone is not active. Meanwhile, in the WA application, when the cellphone is not connected to the internet or the cellphone is turned off, WhatsApp Web cannot be used.

To exit Telegram Web on a laptop, the method is quite easy. You can use your cellphone by opening the Telegram application, then go to Menu and select Settings. Then select the Device menu and click on the active browser, then press the Stop Session button.

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