10 Tips for Using WhatsApp Web on Desktop

We have listed everything you need to know to make the most of WhatsApp Web features on your computer, check out our tips!

TheWhatsApp Webextends the user experience to the computer, either through the browser or own application forMacandWindows– theWhatsApp Desktop.

10 Tips for Using WhatsApp Web on Desktop
10 Tips for Using WhatsApp Web on Desktop

10 Tips for Using WhatsApp Web on Desktop

Through it, you can leave your smartphone aside and focus on your tasks on the computer, avoiding distractions with notifications from other apps – in addition to being able to view messages on a larger screen and allow the exchange of files directly from your computer.

To use WhatsApp Web, it is worth remembering that your smartphone needs to be turned on and connected to the internet – that is, if your phone battery runs out, WhatsApp Web will not work.

And now, take advantage of our 10 tips that go from opening the program, using call features and going through the beloved emojis.

Use WhatsApp Web in your browser or install WhatsApp Desktop

To use WhatsApp on your computer, you can useWhatsApp Web directly in your internet browser, or downloadWhatsApp Desktopavailable for bothmacOSandWindows.

Just go to theWhatsApp website, choose theWindowsorMacoption to download and follow the instructions on your computer.

Note: as the web and desktop versions are identical, we will refer toWhatsApp Web in all tips, but they are valid for both versions.

How to connect WhatsApp Web to mobile

To start using WhatsApp Web, you need to connect to the WhatsApp account on your smartphone by reading a QR Code displayed on the computer.

To do this, follow the instructions on the screen, exactly as in the image above: open theWhatsAppapplication on yoursmartphone, under “More options” or “Settings” select ”WhatsApp Web” and position the device to scan the QR Code. The synchronization will be simultaneous.

Disconnect WhatsApp Web on all devices

If you use WhatsApp on various devices, such as the corporate computer and the personal machine, for security reasons it may be necessary to disconnectWhatsApp Webfrom all of these machines.

To perform this disconnection from the WhatsApp application on your smartphone, selectWhatsApp Web, click on a device whereWhatsAppis activated and select ”Disconnect“.

Reply, forward and delete messages on WhatsApp Web

Several features ofWhatsApp Webare very simple to use and need only a few clicks. If you reply, forward, delete and even favor a message, type in the downward pointing arrow in the right corner above the message.

A box will appear with the aforementioned options. Click on the one you want and follow the instructions in the next text boxes.

Select multiple messages to bookmark, forward or delete

It is also possible to select more than one message to bookmark, forward or delete. When selecting one of these options, according to the previous instructions, squares will automatically appear on the left side of the message so that you can select the messages and perform this action in bulk.

Use keyboard shortcuts

To facilitate the use of WhatsApp Web, the platform has made available a series of keyboard shortcuts that speed up the use of the messenger. Below, 15 of them for you to use in your day to day.

  • CTRL + ALT + “,” –Opens theWhatsApp Websettings ;
  • CTRL + ALT + P– Opens your profile page onWhatsApp;
  • CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + H– Open theWhatsAppsupport contact page ;
  • ALT + F4– Closes theWhastAppapplication on the computer;
  • CTRL + ALT + N– Create a new group or open a new conversation;
  • CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + “/”– Opens the search field within a conversation;
  • CTRL + ALT + F– Search for messages in the current conversation;
  • CTRL + ALT + E– Archives the current conversation;
  • CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + M– Mutes the current conversation;
  • CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + U– Mark the current conversation as unread;
  • CTRL + ALT + Space– Deletes the current conversation;
  • CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + “[“– Via to the previous conversation;
  • CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + “]”– Go to the next conversation;
  • TAB + ENTER– Press TAB until you get to the emoji option and use ENTER to open that option;
  • SHIFT + TAB + ENTER– Press SHIFT + TAB to reach the emoji option and use ENTER to open that option.

Drag files to send

The option to send files to a contact or group is very similar to that of other programs and applications. The quickest and simplest option is to drag the file to the contact or group with the mouse and drop it.

The other possibility is, in the lower-left corner of the dialog box, to click on the icon of a paper clipthat will activate the options of sending image, photo, contact or document.

In this case, when selecting the document option you needed to do a search for the file on the PC and then upload it and send it to your contact onWhatsApp Web.

How to make voice calls or video calls on WhatsApp Web

Making audio and video calls is also possible in theWhatsApp Web version. Just select the contact and, in the upper right corner of the screen, select the camera symbol for the video call or the phone symbol for the call with only the audio feature.

If you want to make a group call, you need to open a group with the people you want to include in the call. For groups of up to eight people, click on a phone icon and the instruction “Group call”, for groups of more than nine people, just select the camera and the instruction “Video call” and it will start immediately.

Silencing notifications on WhatsApp Web

It is quite common for groups with many participants to exchange messages constantly, filled with constant notifications, deconcentrating us all the time.

To not need to leave the group, just silence the exchange of messages by clicking on the three dots (…) in the upper right corner of the screen. You can choose to mute notifications for 8 hours, 1 week, or forever.

How to use more than one WhatsApp account on your computer

Many people have more than one mobile phone number – like professionals who have a personal number and a professional number – however each instance of WhatsApp Web connects to only one account. To circumvent this limitation, we suggest some options:

  • Use a separate internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera) for each WhatsApp number;
  • In the same browser, open WhatsApp Web in an anonymous tab for each WhatsApp number;
  • Use a number on WhatsApp Desktop (installed on Windows or macOS) and a number on WhatsApp Web.

In any case, the connection process with WhatsApp Web is the same as that indicated at the beginning of the story: for each number you want to connect, a QR Code will be generated that must be read by the corresponding cell phone.

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