How to Organize Your Downloads Simply?

On the Web we can get many utilities of personal interest that will bring us great benefits. We can access it through downloads made with applications of great importance, such as Google Chrome, which contains a download manager widely used around the world.

How to Organize Your Downloads Simply?
How to Organize Your Downloads Simply?

How to Organize Your Downloads Simply?

Surely you also use this fabulous tool to download files, documents, applications, and more. You use it so much that you probably don’t get any information downloaded from the web, did that happen to you? Or maybe you have a question about how to locate downloaded files easily.

Surely you identify with what we have just explainedHow to do itwe help youorganize your downloads easily. We invite you to follow the next steps to achieve it.

Find your downloads

It is important to specify very well where all downloads are stored. That’s why we encourage you to type the following into the search bar of yourGoogle Chromebrowser :chrome: // download /.From there you can access all your downloaded files.

Once the page is loaded you will be able to appreciate all thefiles that have been downloaded, you also have the ease of having themsorted by date.

The latter without a doubt, which will give you great advantages in finding the ones you are downloading at the last moment.

But what if you want to locate the file in your documents? Go tostep 2.

Organize your downloads in your documents

It always happens that you download a file and you don’t know where it is stored. Toquickly locate it and move the fileto a part of your personal documents, you need to place the mouse pointer right where the file is.

Then look under the file name that says“Show in folder”,clicking on it will open Windows Explorer with the location of the file in question.

Another option you can use is to locate the three dots that are in the upper right part of the window, when you click on it a menu will appear that will bring up“Open download folder”.

Clicking it again will open the folder with all the downloaded files. From there you will have many options to manage your downloaded files.

Now let’s go to the download process as such, can you follow it, pause it or even cancel it?

Check the development of the download

In the downloads location page just mentioned,chrome: // download /, from it you can track all the downloads in progress. View the progress of each one, you can also pause a certain download or even cancel it.

Under the name of the file you are downloading you can see the two options“Pause” or “Cancel”,select the one that suits your needs.

Change the destination folder

You may not want to continue storing all your downloads in the default system folder. In this case, go to the following address that you intend to copy in the search bar of your Google Chromebrowser:chrome: // settings /.

Go to the bottom of the window and locate“Show advanced options”, then locate the“Downloads” section,you will get a field that saysDownload location, click“Edit”.Then you can select the folder where you want to save the downloaded files.

Delete and delete files from the history

In this step, you can do two things, delete a single file or delete the entire list:

In the downloads folder we talked about,chrome: // download /, you can delete a certain file that you don’t want to view. You just have to place it in the list and click on the“x”,when you place the pointer over it it says“Remove from list”.Ready will no longer appear, but only in the download list will it still appear in the storage destination folder.

Delete download history

In case you wantto completely delete the download historyyou made on your computer, go tothe Google Chrome menu.

This menu is located at the top right of the application, there are three points in a vertical line. After clicking there, select“More tools”and then“Clear browsing data”.

Now you know how to organize your downloads in an easy way, go and try it for yourself. InMira How to do itwe help you get the most out of Google Chrome, open this link.

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