How To Overcome Forgotten Password On Lazada

One marketplace that is widely used is Lazada. As an online shop, Lazada certainly makes it easier for us to get the items we want. Just scroll, tap the screen, and pay, then the goods we order will be sent to our address by the courier.

Even though it makes it easier for us to buy things, what if we forget the Lazada password? How do I get Lazada account access again if we forget the password?

How to Overcome Forgotten Password on Lazada
How to Overcome Forgotten Password on Lazada

To log in to Lazada, the user has actually been given several alternative ways. We can log in using a password or without using a password. However, for users who do not connect their accounts with social media and phone numbers, the only way to log in is by using a password.

For example, you are a Lazada user who registered using a Yahoo Mail account and have never connected your Lazada account with social media and any cellphone numbers. If you forget the password, then you have to reset the password.

However, if you are already connected to Gmail, SMS, or other social media, then you don’t need to reset your password. You can choose to log in without using a password. We will discuss them one by one through writing this time.

In this article, we will provide a brief tutorial on how to overcome forgotten Lazada passwords.

Overcome forgot Lazada password by resetting the password

Before starting and doing these steps, make sure that the email connected to your Lazada account is still accessible to you. If you forget the email password that you linked with Lazada, you can contact the email provider platform first.

1. Open the Lazada application on your cellphone. Select ” login with password “.

2. Because we forgot the password, tap forgot password.

3. Write the email address associated with your Lazada account in the column provided. Click continue.

4. Move the slider to the right for account security.

5. The display will appear as shown below. Next, click “verify by email”.

6. Click “send code” so Lazada can send a verification code to the email you entered.

7. The next step is to open an email from Lazada and see the code listed in the email sent. Make sure not to give the code to anyone, including those who claim to be Lazada employees. This is done to prevent Lazada users from fraud.

8. Enter the code received in the email earlier in the column provided. After that click “verification code”.

9. After entering the verification code, we will be asked to enter the new password 2 times. After typing the password 2 times, then click “reset password”.

10. Done, now you can log in to your Lazada account again using a new password.

Login to Lazada without password with a cellphone number

You can choose to log in to your Lazada account by using your phone number. The condition is that your Lazada account is connected to your phone number. Here are the steps.

  1. Enter the phone number in the field provided.
  2. After entering the number in the column, tap “send via SMS” if you want Lazada to send a verification code via SMS. But if you want Lazada to send the code via WhatsApp, you can select “send via WhatsApp”.
  3. We will be asked to enter a 6 digit code into the column provided. Check incoming SMS on your cellphone. Open the SMS from Lazada and see the code sent in the message.
  4. After that, enter the 6 digit code that has been sent by Lazada earlier. Click next.
  5. Done. You will immediately log in and be connected to Lazada’s profile page.

Login to lazada without password by using Google account

Apart from using SMS, we can also login Lazada with a google or gmail account. There are also other options such as Facebook and online.

Here the condition is that you have linked one of the three accounts to your Lazada account.

So here will be an example of the process if you link Lazada to your Google (gmail) account. Here’s how.

  1. On the login page, tap the Google icon at the bottom center of the display.
  2. Select the Gmail account that you have connected with Lazada.
  3. Done, you will be directly connected to the Lazada account profile page.

Note: if you originally select a google account, and the google account you chose has not been registered with dilazada, then lazada will create a new account for you. So if you want to log into your old account, make sure the Google account you choose is the account associated with the old account.

Wellreaders, that was the information about how to overcome the forgotten Lazada password. If you have questions regarding the information that we are presenting at this time, please write in the comments column below.

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