How to Overcome Gboard Has Stopped

Do you also experience a sudden notification that the GBoard has stopped? And these days some gboard users have been busy with this. Even leading overseas techno sites are reading it.

What isGboard, is it a dangerous malfunction, and how do I fix it? Check out how to solve the Gboard stop warning below.

How to Overcome Gboard Has Stopped
How to Overcome Gboard Has Stopped

How to Overcome Gboard Has Stopped

Gboard or Google Keyboard is the official keyboard application made by Google for Android phones. So if you get an error like this you don’t need to worry because it’s not classified as badly damaged.

Here are Some Ways to Overcome the Gboard Error Has Stopped:

Clear the Gboard Authentication Cache

Every time there is an error in the android application. I always do this trial repair procedure, which is to clear the cache from the app.

How to do it? follow this directive note.

Go to Settings> Apps> Gboard> Clear Data and Cache.

Restart the Gboard application

  1. Go to settings> Applications> Search for the Gboard App.
  2. Then clickForce Stop.
  3. After that, try typing something either in wa, or in a note. If the keyboard appears. Meaning that Gboard is working fine.

If that doesn’t work, try this second method:

Set Gboard As The Main Keyboard App

This can happen if you have more than 1 keyboard application. Therefore we have to choose one of them to be the main one to use. Here we try to make gboard the main. Here’s how:

  1. Open settings.
  2. Look for the Language and Input menu.
  3. Select Default Keyboard> Select Gboard.
  4. Done.

Here are other options:

Remove Update

It is possible that the latest gboard update is not compatible with the device you have now. Therefore sometimes, removing the latest update can solve some of the bugs or problems that exist. The way is like this.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Applications> Search for the Gboard App.
  3. Click on the menu with the three dots on the top right.
  4. Then select Uninstall Update.
  5. Done.

If all the methods above still don’t work either. I suggest restarting your device. Hopefully, it can be back to normal. Why does an error like this happen? What is the cause? .. Here’s the explanation ..

In general, the “force close” error in an application is due to the system experiencing a condition that cannot be coded to display.

For example there are applications that have to use the front facing camera for video calls. When you launch it, the app tries to access the front camera.

But your phone doesn’t have a front facing camera. If the application is not programmed to handle such situations, what happens is a “Force Close” error.

Program code must be written explicitly within the application to handle situations where there is no front facing camera to prevent errors.

So in the case of this gboard error. I suspect that there is an error that the app maker didn’t expect so it can’t display a special error message, so Android forcibly closes your gboard application.

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