Overcome PUBG Mobile Cannot Be Opened Or Error

Why and how to overcome PUBG Mobile can not be opened today? Well of course you will not be upset when opening PUBG you will suddenly get an error or it can’t be opened.

Overcome PUBG Mobile Cannot be Opened or Error
Overcome PUBG Mobile Cannot be Opened or Error

The problem of PUBG Mobile being unable to open can be caused by several factors. To be able to find out the causes and the best solution to overcome the problem of PUBG Mobile can not be opened , let’s see the full explanation in the following article.

Some PUBG Mobile Problems Can’t Be Opened

  1. PUBG Mobile cannot be opened
  2. PUBG Mobile login error
  3. PUBG Mobile internet error
  4. PUBG Mobile error 154140712
  5. Unfortunatelly PUBG Mobile has stopped
    And many others

Given the many types or kinds of problems that occur when playing PUBG Mobile on android it requires different handling. Sometimes this makes the players more confused to handle it. Therefore AyGek will provide the right solution in the explanation below.

How to Overcome PUBG Mobile Cannot be Opened

1. Check Internet Connection

A weak internet connection network is the main reason why PUBG Mobile cannot be opened . You can check beforehand if the internet data connection is lost, the signal is weak or others. If you experience something like that, you can do things like reset network connections by turning on and off airplane mode on your smartphone or restarting the router that you have if you use WiFi.

2. Restart the Smartphone

If the problem above has not been resolved, maybe your smartphone is experiencing a problem that can not open PUBG Mobile. The way is easy, do a restart or reboot on your Android smartphone, then wait a while until your smartphone returns to life. If this method is still not resolved, then proceed to the next step.

3. Clear PUBG Mobile Data Cache

Full cache data can result in PUBG Mobile not being able to open. Cache data will accumulate along with the duration of the use of the Mobile PUBG. To solve this problem, you can simply delete PUBG Mobile Cache by going to: Settings

menu or Settings > Applications > PUBG Mobile > Clear Cache

4. Latest version of PUBG Mobile Update

You cannot open PUBG Mobile if you are using an older version of PUBG Mobile. For that you need to need an update to be able to play the latest version of PUBG Mobile in the following way.

Open Play Store > Search for PUBG Mobile > Update. If PUBG Mobile has updated to the latest version, you can try to reopen the game.

5. Reinstall PUBG Mobile

The problem that PUBG mobile cannot be opened can occur when you download or update PUBG Mobile when the internet connection is weak so there are files that have not yet been downloaded. For that, you need to try removing PUBG Mobile from the device then download and install PUBG Mobile from playstore .

6. PUBG is being Maintenance

Many PUBG Mobile players don’t know that PUBG Mobile can’t be opened because the server is in maintenance. This ignorance is caused by lack of information from PUBG Mobile users. They are often reluctant to visit the PUBG Mobile Fanpage on Facebook or Instagram to find out about the PUBG Mobile server repair schedule.

You can check directly to the Official PUBG Mobile Fanpage on FB or Instagram to find out information about maintenance . In addition, when there is no notification there, there may be a sudden down server you can visit the PUBG Mobile check server service provider site.

Those are some reasons why pubg mobile cannot enter, play or log in with the solution. A little information about AyGek will provide recommendations on android smartphones that are perfect for playing PUBG Mobile .

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