5 Ways to Overcome USB Tethering Not Connecting to Laptop & PC

Have you ever had problems with not being able to use the USB theater from your cellphone to a PC or laptop? when setting up USB tethering the usb tethering feature can’t be active on android phones? have unplugged the usb cable that leads to the laptop and pc but can’t either, finally our laptop can’t transfer files from android to pc or laptop, and can’t theater the network (computer or laptop can’t connect to the network).

5 Ways to Overcome USB Tethering Not Connecting to Laptop & PC
5 Ways to Overcome USB Tethering Not Connecting to Laptop & PC

Sometimes small problems like this make us panic, yes I also panic because I often use the usb theater feature to connect to the internet network, then what if our computer or laptop can’t connect to the internet network?

Use wifi, bro, so it’s nice, you don’t need a usb theater, if you’re at home, if you’re outside? forced to find a way out so that the usb theater can function as usual.

Because since I’ve also had problems with usb tethering, I can’t connect to laptops and PCs, this time I’ll give you the best solution and how to solve usb tethering problems.

5 Ways to Overcome USB Tethering Not Connecting to Laptop & PC

In my content this time, I experienced USB tethering problems on my xioami cellphone that couldn’t connect to PCs and laptops, ranging from not being able to theater hotspot, file transfers and other problems.

1. Replace USB Cable

Have you ever thought that the main problem lies in the USB cable? Surely never right? Maybe you’re thinking what to do with the usb cable?

The usb cable that we often use is sometimes loose, especially located at the end of the charger port and on the usb port so that when we tether usb from cellphone to pc we will experience problems such as disconnected usb tethering because the usb port is loose, or loose, the solution is try you replace the usb cable that you are using now to the old usb cable.

2. There is an Error Program on Android Smartphone Devices

The second problem may occur from several programs on your android, maybe there are some programs that have problems or errors that can damage some android programs.

3. Update Android Version

If you have done the two methods above, such as changing the old usb cable to a new one, checking for the error program but that doesn’t work either, you can try updating the android version to the new version because sometimes the old version of android has some bug, so it can break some phone programs.

4. Reset Phone

The fourth solution is to try resetting your cellphone, yes this trick is quite accurate because I have tried it myself, if you use this fourth method and want to reset your android phone, I suggest you don’t forget to backup all your important data so that later you don’t have problems losing important data.

5. Update PC & Laptop Drivers

The next tips and solutions in overcoming the problem of usb tethering, lies in the drivers of your computer or laptop, maybe it happened like me, my computer has a problem with the driver, and the exact solution is to try updating your pc or laptop drivers, min, I don’t know how to update drivers?

you can use the online driverpack tool by using this tool you can check all of your laptop or pc drivers that are problematic and which have not been installed so that they can fix some driver problems on your laptop and pc.


So that’s all the solution I can give, hopefully by reading this article your problem can be resolved and you can use USB theater again on your laptop or PC.

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