How To Share Android Connection Via Tethering Or Hotspot

Share Android Connection: Whether you’re working from the courtyard, a park or a bus, sometimes you need a Wi-Fi connection for your laptop and you’re out of reach of a network or public hotspot. Don’t worry, just have a smartphone at your fingertips and you can provide a personal and private network to your tablet or laptop in seconds.

How to Share Android Connection via Tethering or Hotspot
How to Share Android Connection via Tethering or Hotspot

How to Share Android Connection via Tethering or Hotspot

To get started, you need to go to the network settings on your phone. The function can be called differently depending on the Android phone you are using: network and Internet on Android 10, Connections on Galaxy phones, etc., but it’s still where you select yourWi-Fi network. Inside, look for a card that says hotspot or tethering.

Three options are available:mobile hotspot,Bluetoothtethering,andUSB tethering. Here is how each of them works:

Mobile / Wi-Fi hotspot

This is the method you will probably use the most. As soon as you turn the switch on / off, the phone will start sending itsWLANwhich other devices can find in itslist of networks. By default, arandom password will be assigned, but both the one and the name can be changed. To connect, simply choose the correct name on the other device, type the password and you will beconnected to the Internet.

Bluetooth tethering

When setting up amobile hotspot, anyone is able to switch to your phone’s network if they know yourpassword. First, you will have to pair the phone with the device you want to share the connection withby going to theBluetooth settings, tapPair new deviceand select the device you want to pair with.

Then go back to your phone‘s network settingsand activate theBluetooth tethering lever. Next, you will need to go to yourlaptopand selectBluetooth PANas the network connection and connect to yourAndroid phone. This will starttetheringand you can use your phone’s mobile data on yourlaptop. Note: this method issignificantly slowerthan ahotspot, butwill consume less battery.

USB tethering

This option appearsdisabledunless you have aUSB-Ccable connecting the phone to thelaptop. Once connected and turned on, it should be automatic, with the computerimmediatelyrecognizing and connecting to the newnetwork.

Obviously, whatever mode you choose, it will use themobile dataof your profile, so if you have alimited plan, be careful not to exceed it. Thewebsitesandemailwill be fine, but thevideo streamingcould be a problem, especially when the 5G plans become more common.So keep an eye on your data usage.

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