How to Overcome VRAM / GPU Unable PES 2017

How to Overcome VRAM / GPU Unable PES 2017– It’s really sad when you want to play PES 2017 in public and be watched by friends, but it turns out that Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 you have can only be set low.

How to Overcome VRAM / GPU Unable PES 2017
How to Overcome VRAM / GPU Unable PES 2017

How to Overcome VRAM / GPU Unable PES 2017

Usually this problem arises when you use an integrated GPU such as Intel HD, which results in every time you play PES 2017 experiencing problems with VRAM and the GPU that is unreadable or unable.

The unreadable GPU problem is what makes PES 2017 auto set low and VRAM very small. Friends don’t need to worry, I will give you a way to overcome VRAM / GPU Unable PES 2017 for you by using the high set on the integrated GPU.

OvercomeUnable GPUVRAM

Like other PES 2017 problems, solving the VRAM / GPU Unable problem is also fairly easy. Previously, my friend must have been confused because PES 2017 was only installed by default with low settings because the options for medium and high settings couldn’t be clicked. When checking on the specifications, you can see that only GPU Unable and VRAM reads only 128 MB.

I will provide a way to overcome VRAM / GPU Unable PES 2017 so that you can choose medium and high settings to increase the quality of PES 2017 to be played.

To fix this VRAM and GPU unable problem, you only need to install the dxcpl application, for more details, you can see the steps as follows.

# 1.Download dxcpl and extract it, then move dxcpl.exe to the PES 2017 directory.

# 2.Open dxcpl.exe and theDirectX Properties window will appear, click on theEdit List tab.

# 3.Enter the address of the PES game folder, namelyPES2017.exeandSetting.exe.

# 4.After the two folders appear in the window on the left, clickOK.

# 5.Then it will return to theDirectX Properties window, pay attention to the bottom there areDevice Settings.

# 6.In theFeature Level Limitnext to it there is a small column can be changed, change it to11_1.

# 7.Next to theLimit Level Feature, please tick theForce WRAP section.

#8.When done do not forget to click theApply option.

As long as you are correct, how to deal with VRAM / GPU Unable PES 2017 will work. You have to try it by opening PES 2017 and going to the settings section.

Surely the choice of medium and high sets is active and can be selected. In addition, if you click on the GPU specifications section, it will read, and the VRAM will increase to 1GB.


That’s the complete guide on how to deal with GPU unable VRAM on PES 2017. Hopefully the tutorial above can help all of your problems.

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