Overcome Youtube Error 503 on Android And PC

Youtube Error 503? Confused how to solve it? Relax, in the following discussion we have complete information about the causes to solutions to these disorders.

This kind of problem may have been experienced by all Youtube users. Besides that, Error 503 also applies when accessing Youtube via PC or Android device.

Overcome Youtube Error 503 on Android And PC
Overcome Youtube Error 503 on Android And PC

But some of you may choose to just leave it without looking for a solution. When doing this, maybe you should be prepared not to be able to access Youtube for more than 2 hours.

Even though it should be noted that the 503 error can be resolved in several ways. Are you curious about the solution? please see the complete information below.

Overcome Youtube Error 503 on Android And PC

What will happen when Youtube gets Error 503? In this case you will not be able to access Youtube Music orDOWNLOAD VIDEOon Youtube. In addition, the Home page also saysThere was a problem with the network [503].

Then for those of you who have a Youtube channel, you cannot upload videos on that platform. When there is a problem like this, usually the Twitter Youtube account will tweet an apology post to all users regarding the problem that is happening.

Causes of Error 503 on Youtube

Error 503 on the Youtube service is certainly very annoying when you are enjoying watching content on the service. Well, such problems are caused by the following:

1. Cache Piling up

The first cause is the large number of cache files that have accumulated in the application. This is one of the most frequent causes of errors on YouTube, PC and Android.

2. Server Exceeded the Limit

Apart from Cache, this kind of problem is also caused when the Server is Busy or goes over the limit. This will happen when you open too many browser tabs on your PC.

3. No Internet Connection

For the latter reason, the internet connection used is suddenly cut off. This may often be experienced by Wifi users during a power failure. Or it could be that your internet quota runs out without being noticed.

How to Overcome Error 503 on Youtube PC & Smartphone

After knowing some of the causes of Youtube Error 503, we also have a solution to the problem. This method applies to those of you who use Youtube via PC or Android. Here are the procedures for overcoming Error 503 on Youtube services:

1. Clean Cache Files

The first solution is to clean cache or junk files on the service. For YouTube PC, you can do the following:

  1. Click theCustomize and Control menu.
  2. SelectMore Tools -> Clear Browsing Data.
  3. After that clickClear Data.
  4. Done.

As for Android Youtube users, please follow the steps below to delete junk files on Youtube:

  1. Open theSettings menu.
  2. Scroll down and selectApp Settings -> Manage Applications.
  3. Search for theYoutubeapplication-> Clear Data.

2. Refresh the Application

Then for the second solution is to Refresh Youtube. This process is very easy, just click the Refresh icon on the PC screen. For those of you who use Youtube on Android, you can Refresh by dragging the screen from top to bottom on the application display.

3. Check Internet Connection

The third solution is to prepare an adequate internet connection. You can use Wifi or 4G LTE cellular data to smoothly play content on Youtube.

4. Close All Browser Tabs

By closing all unused browser tabs, you can solve Youtube Error 503.

5. Run CCleaner

On the PC device try to do the cleaning again viaCCleaner. This process aims to delete junk files that may not be detected in the browser.

6. Open Youtube through Guest

Another solution is to open Yotube via a Guest account or an incognito tab. The trick is toclick on the account logo in the top right corner -> Guest.


So, there are several causes of the 503 problem with the Youtube service, one of which is a server disturbance from the platform itself.

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