Overview of Matchy for iOS and Android

Colored in rainbow colors and done in a cute art style, Game Matchy is a puzzle game that combines addictive gameplay with soft, attractive graphics.

Overview of Matchy for iOS and Android

Overview of Matchy for iOS and Android

The game will especially appeal to fans of casual puzzles that force you to play “one more game”.


The goal of the game is simple – to connect dots of the same color, making your way through various tile levels. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But do not rush to conclusions, because you will need to find the most optimal way to earn the maximum number of stars and complete all the tasks. Each successive level becomes more difficult, which adds depth and challenge to the game.

Graphics and sound

In Matchy, the graphics are simple, but cute and beautiful. The color scheme was well chosen and it looks fresh and pleasing to the eye. The soundtrack complements the game, adding a relaxing element to the gameplay.


Matchy is a real treat for players who love puzzles. It gives players an opportunity to work on their logical thinking skills, improving their strategic decisions.

The game is well-balanced and leads the player from easy to more difficult levels, which keeps the interest in the game.

However, if you’re not a big fan of puzzles, you might not like the slow pace of the game. But for those who like puzzles and are looking for something new to relax, Matchy is a great choice.


Unlike other puzzle games, Matchy introduces the concept of limited moves, which adds extra complexity to the game.

You don’t just connect the colored dots, but you also have to do it within a certain number of moves.

This simple but effective game dynamic forces the player to think more carefully about his strategy and plan moves in advance.

Social functions

Matchy has social media integration that allows players to compare their scores with friends and family.

You can also send game invites via Facebook or Email, allowing you to compete with your loved ones and share the fun.


Overall, Matchy is a well-designed, relaxing puzzle game that brings new ideas to the genre. While it may seem overwhelming to those new to the concept of limited moves, it adds a new level of depth to the game that will ensure you keep playing.

If you are looking for a game that challenges you to think and plan, then Matchy is what you need.

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