Panda Helper – The Best Alternative To Apple Store.

We have seen the closure of Appcentral where all of Apple’s alternative stores were stored, today we find Panda Helper an alternative market to Apple store, indeed the best, we found everything is all working.

Panda Helper - The Best Alternative to Apple Store.
Panda Helper – The Best Alternative to Apple Store.

Panda Helper – The Best Alternative to Apple Store.

In the market we find several applications and games hacked fromkoditospotifyto expensive applications completely free.

To install the store, go to thispage(Safari browser only).

When the page opens, click right on regular, click on download, it will ask you to install the application.

We give consent and after downloading it we go tosettingson our device (iPhone / iPad), click ongeneraland then onprofile and device management.

We are looking for the program, in our case it will be Gansu Melon cow Angel Ecommerce. Co, ltd.

We give the ok, we close everything and let’s go to the application.

As soon as it is opened it will ask us to install “panda hero”, it is a free vpn that will allow us to block the checks on Apple certificates that take place every 7 days, and to avoid installing apps from scratch.

Click on “install” or “x” to continue, we will find all the apps and games to install for free.

Below the screen we will find a menu with apps and games. Good fun.

I also remind you of the excellentNesstool, another vpn that is in the TutuApp store, an alternative market.

You might also be interested intweackboxanother alternative store for iPhone and iPad.

The app is also available forAndroidwhich you can download from thislink.

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