PES 2021 Mobile Update Regarding Changes

The PES 2021 Mobile update is a hot topic of conversation among all the game players. This is very reasonable because they yearn for many changes and additions to features in the latest PES Mobile.

Some of the events that are predicted to be on the menu are theCompetition Competition. But unfortunately, KONAMI has not implemented this feature for the Mobile version of the Pro Evolution Soccer game.

PES 2021 Mobile Update Regarding Changes
PES 2021 Mobile Update Regarding Changes

Meanwhile, in terms of changes, KONAMI has done it in several sectors, including the hairstyles of players. In addition, on PES 2021 Mobile you will also be treated to the latest Soundtrack.

At this point, are you more curious about the eFootball PES 2021 Mobile update? If so, please see the full discussion through the review below regarding the release date, changes to the prizes offered by KONAMI after the update process ends.

Complete PES Mobile Update Regarding Changes

Update PES Mobile

One of theBEST ANDROID BALL GAMES, eFootball PES Mobile has now made an update from 2020 to 2021. The update process takes place from 12 October to 22 October.

During the update process you certainly couldn’t access it, because KONAMI did make major changes to the theme, jersey and so on.

Changes to eFootball PES 2021 Android

So what are the changes that have occurred in the PES 2021 update? As an android PES player from 2020, you will find changes to the player card.

In addition, KONAMI also follows the latest costum changes from several clubs such as Barcelon, Juventus and Bayer Munchen. Well, for details, please refer to the explanation below.

Player Card

All players from Featured Card Type and Base Player will change to become Carry Over players. Thus <players who were affected by the change would definitely experience a decrease in statistics. Meanwhile, players with Legend and Iconic Moment card types will not experience any changes.

Jersey / Uniform

The uniforms from several clubs that have received a KONAMI license will provide a selection of the latest Jersey. There are at least 4 clubs that have collaborated with KONAMI, including Bayer Munchen, Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Manchester United. In PES 2021 Mobile they offer the latest custom from Home and Away.

Player Themes & Graphics

Then the display or the PES 2021 Mobile theme will look fresher with a touch of green. In addition, KONAMI also implemented changes to player charts, from hairstyles, celebrations to jersey numbers.

Music / Soundtrack

When you open the PES 2021 Mobile game, you will also listen to the latest Soundtrack from KONAMI. It aims to provide a new feel from PES Mobile from previous years. Do not rule out, the PES 2022 Mobile KONAMI will provide a different soundtrack.

Special gifts from the PES 2021 Android update

For those of you PES Mobile players, you are certainly quite annoyed with the update duration that reaches tens of days. Therefore, as an apology, KONAMI gave away 300 free coins.

Plus there is a bonus coin of 10 + 100 pieces for 7 days. Then KONAMI also provides 3 items for Barcelona Players for free.


Why can’t PES 2021 Mobile be opened?
This is due to the large-scale update process that makes the game servers become congested. If you experience this problem, please click Retry until the game is successfully opened.

When will the update process of eFootball PES 2021 end?
On October 22, 2020 the process was completed. You can take part in Matchday events, recruit players and so on.

Is There a Choice of the Latest Legend Players in PES 2021 Mobile?
Based on the information we have obtained, players like Steven Gerrard, Xabi Alonso and Cassillas will enter the Legend Players agent in PES 2021.

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