How to Play Free Fire Games on the Latest Laptop

Based on the author’s research, there are several ways to play Free Fire games on the latest laptop. You can use each of them based on the specifications of the laptop. So, you don’t need to worry anymore even if you use a potato laptop, huh. You see, playing Free Fire is still safe!

How to Play Free Fire Games on the Latest Laptop
How to Play Free Fire Games on the Latest Laptop

Even though social media is often blasphemed as a child game, it cannot be denied that the Free Fire game is still one of the most popular games in Indonesia. In fact, this game developed by Garena has users of all ages.

The game size is relatively small, so Free Fire can be played on various devices. Both through high-end class cellphones, to entry-level cellphones. Of course, with the difference in terms of graphics, depending on the specifications of the cellphone used.

Apart from smartphone devices, the Free Fire game can also be played on a laptop or PC. Playing via a wider screen, of course, you can get many benefits. For example, it’s easier to find your opponent so it’s easy to get headshots during battle.

It’s just that, as we know, there are a number of things you need to do and need to be able to play free fire on a laptop. Also, there are several ways to play Free Fire on a laptop; either using an emulator or not.

Here’s How to Play Free Fire ​​on the Latest Laptop or PC

Well, for those of you who are looking for how to play Free Fire on a Laptop, don’t move to another place. Our team has prepared various ways to play FF ​​on a laptop or PC. Just choose and adjust it to the specifications of the device you are using.

Using Nox Player to Play FF ​​on a Laptop

Already many Free Fire players have used Nox to play FF ​​on a laptop or PC. Easy to use and light in size. So, for those of you who use a potato specification laptop, Nox Player is the answer.

Now, to play Free Fire using Nox Player, here are the steps:

  1. Download the Android Nox Player emulator application via this page.
  2. If so, install the Nox Player application on your laptop or PC
  3. After the application is installed, open it and log in using a Gmail account
  4. Fourth, you can install the Free Fire game via Nox
  5. Next, configure the virtual keys on the keyboard. To do this, click the gear icon to enter the Settings menu . Then click the Tab Controls menu and select Custom HUD. Here, click the icon that appears on the screen and then drag it based on the desired function. Don’t forget to adjust the controls according to the comfort level of your hands. So it’s easier for you to get a headshot in the game, right?
  6. After finishing setting up the virtual keyboard, it’s time to enter the game. The method is no different from the mobile version, really. Just log in to the Free Fire game using Facebook or email, then wait a few moments for the application to access your account. Voila, you can also play the Free Fire game via a laptop or PC.

How to Play Free Fire on a Laptop Without an Emulator

Yes, you read that right. The Free Fire game can also be played on a laptop without an emulator. It’s just that, based on the author’s trial, the steps are somewhat complicated. Complicated.

But, how to play FF ​​games on a laptop without an emulator is of course very much needed for those of you who have a potato laptop.

Without further ado, here’s how to play Free Fire on a laptop or PC without an emulator. Follow the steps, yes.

  1. Open the Google Chrome app, then look for the ARC Welder extension from the Chrome Store. To make it easier, you can type “ARC Welder extension” into the Google search engine box.
  2. Once found, click the ” Add to Chrome Extension ” button to start the download process
  3. For additional information, this Chrome extension works like an Android emulator. However, because it is in the form of an extension, it certainly makes the laptop lighter in processing.
  4. If the extension is already installed, refresh the Google Chrome browser. The easiest, close the application then open it again
  5. Enable the ARC Welder extension on the Extensions list
  6. Select “Drive D” to save application data
  7. Download the Garena Free Fire version available on the extensions screen
  8. Add the game via ARC Welder. If there is no question window, it means the game was added automatically
  9. Finally, click the Test button to run the Free Fire game

How to Play Free Fire on a Potato Laptop

Potato laptop users need not be discouraged. If Nox Player is deemed inadequate and even burdensome for device processing, there are other ways you can do it. Just install and install Bluestacks.

Bluestacks is an emulator app suitable for potato laptops. According to information on the official website, this application can be run on Windows 7 or newer laptops , Intel or AMD processors, a minimum of 2GB RAM, and a minimum of 5GB of storage.

Yes, you don’t need a high specification graphics card to be able to play Free Fire on a potato laptop. While the steps, see the following description, yes.

  1. Download and install the Bluestacks application on your laptop. Click here to shorten the search.
  2. After the download is complete, open the Google Play Store menu, log in using your Gmail account, then type the Free Fire game in the search box.
  3. Next, click the Download button to install the application on Bluestacks
  4. After the download is complete, you can immediately open the Free Fire game and play it on your laptop.

The author also admits that playing the Free Fire game via a laptop feels more fun. You can more easily find hidden opponents.

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