Playlist Converter: Import Deezer Playlist To Spotify, YouTube, Mp3

Music is a source of inspiration, emotion, and relaxation that can accompany almost any activity. Thanks to music streaming services, you have thousands of sounds available on your Smartphone in one click.

The platforms for listening to music legally (and free) are many, we must make a choice between Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, Music TIDAL or YouTube, etc. What music streaming service do you use?

Playlist Converter
Playlist Converter

I use Deezer, but having acquired a TIDAL subscription, I therefore wanted to import my playlist from Deezer to TIDAL and that’s how I discovered that streaming platforms do not offer this possibility to import playlists from one streaming platform to another. On the Internet, however, there are several tools for converting your playlists from one streaming service to another.

How to Convert Your Music Playlists: Spotify to Deezer, Deezer to YouTube

In this article, I show you a trick to convert your Spotify playlists to Deezer, YouTube, TIDAL, Apple Music and vice versa.

TuneMyMusic is a free online tool that allows you to:

  • Convert YouTube to Spotify,
  • Convert Spotify to YouTube,
  • Convert Music from Apple to Spotify,
  • Convert Spotify to Apple Music,
  • Convert Spotify to Deezer,
  • Google Play Music to Spotify,
  • And more.

To illustrate this tutorial, we’ll convert a Deezer playlist to a YouTube playlist.

Step 1: Get the playlist link

To retrieve a playlist link, simply open the music application you are using and click share to copy the playlist link. You can also do the same to get an album link to convert the album to a playlist for another audio streaming application.

Step 2: Convert the Playlist

TuneMyMusic is the playlist converter that we will use to transfer a playlist from one audio streaming platform to another.

Go totunemymusic.comand click on START NOW, select the source music platform (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, TIDAL, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, etc.), then the address of the playlist and finally the destination platform.

Step 3: Recover or Download Converted Playlist

Once the conversion is done, you can retrieve the playlist in the final music platform by connecting to the latter to save it in your account. You can also download the songs from the playlist in mp3.

If you are having trouble transferring a playlist from one audio streaming platform to another, please leave a comment and we will try to help you.

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