Podcast On New Technologies – Here Are The Top Podcast Tech 2023

The streaming platform YouTube is still behind the television but she remains the real competitor of the latter . Do you know the direct competitor of the radio right now? It’s the podcast.

Podcast on New Technologies - Here are the Top Podcast Tech 2019
Podcast on New Technologies – Here are the Top Podcast Tech 2019

Podcast on New Technologies – Here are the Top Podcast Tech 2023

If you are interested in high-tech, then this post will surely please you because today we talk about the podcast and the best podcast to follow to learn about new technologies, science in general.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a program (audio or video file) broadcast on the Internet through podcasting.

Today the term podcast has evolved and tends to be confused with the principle of streaming. These 2 technologies aim at “the diffusion of contents” however it is possible to download the file via the podcast whereas it is impossible to download it via the streaming.

A podcast can also be listened to or watched in streaming, hence the difficulty of establishing a real difference between these two notions.

Here we will evolve with the principle that a podcast is an audio file of an audio broadcast in one of audio format such as MP3 . So we will talk about audio programs on new technologies to listen and / or download.

Benefits of podcasts in relation to video and blog (writing)

The ability to do something else while listening to your podcast Free and legal sharing (and downloading) etc.

Top 10 Best Podcasts on New Technologies

To keep up to date with the latest tech news and discoveries, I check out popular news sites and YouTube channels for geeks however my love for podcasts gets stronger and stronger.

Here are the 10 best podcasts that consult from time to time to watch radio programs on new technologies:

What I email – Podcast RMC

Every Friday, From What I Me Mail opens the debate on the high-tech news of the week! Alongside François Sorel, the best specialized journalists and prestigious guests gather there to analyze and analyze the major digital trends. And it’s only on RMC (audio version) and on the YouTube channel of 01NetTV (video version).

You can also download the DQJMM podcast for free on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts .

The Rendez-Vous Tech – Frenchspin

Rendez-vous Tech is the leading French-speaking Tech podcast, which synthesizes and simplifies all the current Tech, Internet and gadgets news, to give listeners a simple and complete summary of everything you need to know about Tech. .

The ZD’brief of ZDNet.fr

ZDNet.fr has been publishing for a few weeks a podcast entitled “The ZD’brief” whose pitch is here: Every week, IT and telco news in 5 minutes.
New services and new IT products, news from GAFAM and others, market figures, advice and
practical advice ; all you need to know about technology and business time for a coffee (5 minutes).

Find their weekly podcasts on ZDNet.fr and all platforms of popular podcasts.

Techscope – NowTech.TV Tech Press Review

Techscope is a tech news magazine, presented by Marion and Jerome from the NowTech YouTube channel , every morning from 8am to 9am (approximately).

You can find Techscope on iTunes and on Google Podcasts

Tech Cafe

Tech Café is an audio program broadcast only on the Internet. It deals with all these themes that apply to everyday elements that affect us all and upset the way we live: smartphones, tablets, computers, but also connected objects, vehicles, online services, collaborative operations.

This podcast, I discovered recently (97th episode) and I do not miss any episode.

You can also listen to or download the Tech Café podcast for free on iTunes and on Google Podcasts .

New World – France Info

The “New World” is an appointment that decrypts the latest news of the new technologies and high-tech universe, broadcast on FranceInfo, Monday to Friday at 10:56 and 16:21, and led by the journalist Jérôme Colombain.

During this meeting, Jérôme Colombain decrypts all the trends of the digital world, identifying the inevitable innovations and major trends, but also these little gadgets that can change your life every day.

You can also download RDV Tech podcasts for free from iTunes and Google Podcasts

The Technos

The Technos is a podcast or podcast about three main topics in the form of tests, presentations, interviews and weekly news: New technologies, The Web and start-ups.

Find their weekly podcasts on LesTechnos.be or on iTunes and on Google Podcasts

The Super Daily – Podcast on Social Media

The Super Daily is the first French podcast that deals specifically with social media. 20 minutes of daily decryption and analysis around social networking themes. A must for actors and social media enthusiasts.

With already more than 30 episodes, The Super Daily is unique in the French podcast landscape. His niche topics, although intended for marketers, communicators and social media players, may also be of interest to the general public. Every morning, we find the latest news from social networks: tools, platforms … but also social media communication campaigns or accounts to follow absolutely.

The Super Daily is broadcast entirely on all the appropriate platforms: Apple Podcasts,

Google Podcasts, Spotify , Deezer.

Captain’s drink – captainweb.net
The Captain’s aperitif is also a weekly podcast hosted by Captain Web that deals with High Tech news, and the Web. On the program for each episode: technological news, Kwakos’ Wazzuf section, LTP’s Future Technologies and Manox’s daily guest.

You can also download RDV Tech podcasts for free from iTunes and Google Podcasts .

Other popular Podcasts

Relife – Appload – Things to know TECH.


I hope that with all its broadcasts you will have something to occupy you during a jogging, jogging or just to pass the time as a true geek who inquires.

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