PPSSPP Game Download Recommended List

Even though the era of the PSP console has passed, you can still play it using the PPSSPP emulator.

That way, you can reminisce about playing legendary games in the past PSP era. No need to buy, you can evendownload PPSSPP gamesfor free.

PPSSPP Game Download Recommended List
PPSSPP Game Download Recommended List

In this article, I will share recommendations for the best PSP games that are worthy of you to download and play using a PSP emulator. Immediately, please read this article to the end so you don’t miss any of the information.

PPSSPP Game Download Recommended List

The following games are recommended games that are even still fun to play today. If you’ve played it before, then you can reminisce by playing it virtually using the PPSSPP emulator. Here’s the list:

1 – Final Fantasy Tactics : The War of The Lions

One of the legendary games on the PSP that should not be missed is Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of The Lions. This game deserves to be on the list of recommendations because it has quite exciting gameplay when played.

What’s more, this game was awarded Game of the Year in 2007.

This game made by Square Enix not only presents an exciting RPG game, but also carries a pretty interesting graphic presentation so that you can play it happily.

2 – God of War : Chains of Olympus (4th Series)

It’s not playing PSP if you don’t include the game God of War: Chains of Olympus in it. In this game you will play as Kratos who will carry out a mission of revenge against the gods at Olympus.

With his fighting skills, Kratos must defeat various obstacles from gods and monsters on his every journey.

In addition, there are also obstacles in the form of puzzles that you must solve to continue on to the next journey.

3 – Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker

The next game that is also worth downloading is Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. This game was developed by Kojima Productions by carrying the action genre.

Here, you will play the character Snake who wants to thwart the mission of the Peace Sentinels, a group with advanced nuclear weapons.

With its advanced nuclear arsenal, this group can actually threaten the safety of the world.

This game itself is a prequel to the Metal Gear Solid series which was released some time before. Make sure you download this PPSSPP game to feel the excitement in it.

4 – Tekken 6

Who does not know this legendary game. This fighting game made by Namco is already very famous for Play Station lovers.

The excitement of this game lies in the many fighter characters that can be played, especially each character has a unique fighting ability.

Call it Jin, Yoshimitsu, Kazuma, and other popular characters. Even in Tekken 6, there are additional 30 new characters that you can use.

5 – Grand Theft Auto : Chinatown Wars

ThisPPSSPP game downloadrecommendation is also a popular game that must be on the list of games on your PSP emulator.

The setting of the story of one of the GTA series is in Chinatown with a mission to uncover corruption and crimes of the Triad syndicate.

Exciting gameplay and good graphics make this game feel comfortable to play. You will also definitely feel at home carrying out missions in it or just walking around the city.

Don’t forget to always save the progress of the game so you don’t repeat it from the beginning.

6 – Tactic Ogre : Let Us Cling Together (2011)

In the next position, there is also Tactic Ogre: Let Us Cling Together which you can play on the PSP emulator. This classic game is quite fun to play with a variety of characters that you can choose from. The background story in this game is also quite interesting to follow.

The graphics that it carries, of course, still use a classic design that is quite typical for this kind of game genre.

7 – Shin Megami Tensei : Persona 3 Portable (2006)

One more JRPG game that is included inthe PPSSPP game downloadlist that I recommend is Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable. Got a score of 89 on Metacritic, this game is quite challenging and also fun to play.

This game developed by Atlus was first released on July 13 in 2006 ago.

In this game, you will become a member of a club at school. Later, you will be asked to fight strange creatures around the school.

8 – Lumines

If you don’t like games full of action and animation, then this Lumines game is the answer.

This game made by Q Entertainment has gameplay in compiling puzzles like tetris. Although this game is fairly simple, it is still quite challenging to play.

This game has 24 levels that must be passed. The higher the level you play, the higher the difficulty level. This is the challenge that you must pass to achieve the highest score in the game.

9 – Monster Hunter Freedom United

The next game is Monster Hunter Freedom United. Here you will be tasked with hunting monsters like the characteristics of other Monster Hunter game series.

Hunting monsters requires hunting equipment that you can get by grinding continuously.

This game was first introduced on the Play Station 2 and was also presented on the PSP console. Now you can also play it using Windows or Android using a PSP emulator.

Please download the ISO file of this game and feel the excitement of every new monster hunt.

10 – Need For Speed ​​: Most Wanted

For those who like racing games, Need For Speed: Most Wanted is still worth downloading and playing on PPSSPP. Not only because of the graphics and exciting gameplay, but there are also many side quests in it.

That way, you won’t run out of races to follow even though you’ve been playing it for a long time. Master each track and defeat all your opponents, even if it’s the cops trying to stop you.

11 – Naruto – Ultimate Ninja Heroes

Are you looking for Naruto games for PSP? That means you have to try Naruto – Ultimate Ninja Heroes to play. Taking place before the Shippuden era began, the ninjas are still very young and the ninja abilities are still at an early stage.

However, that does not reduce the excitement of this one game. You can also reminisce about using ninja from the Naruto universe with their unique fighting abilities.

Make sure you enter this game as well to complete the list of PPSSPP games that you will play.

How to Play PPSSPP Games

Afterdownloading the PPSSPP gameabove, later you can play using the PPSSPP emulator, be it PPSSPP for Android or Windows. If you don’t have it, you can download the PPSSPP emulator first.

To download it, you can directly visit the PPSSPP official website via the following link. Please choose whether you want to use the Android version of the PPSSPP emulator or the Windows version of PPSSPP:https://www.ppsspp.org/downloads.html.

Playing games on the PSP does provide its own experience. In addition to being nostalgic, the games on the PSP are also very diverse and fun to play.

Pleasedownload the PPSSPP gamethat I recommended above and play it in your spare time.

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