Privacy Extension for WhatsApp Web Firefox: 7 Best Recommendations

If you frequently use WhatsApp Web on the Firefox browser, of course you want to ensure that your activities remain safe and your privacy is maintained. One way to do this is to use privacy extensions that can increase security when using WhatsApp Web services.

Privacy Extension for WhatsApp Web Firefox: 7+ Best Recommendations

Privacy Extension for WhatsApp Web Firefox: 7+ Best Recommendations

Below we will review the 7 best recommendations for WhatsApp Web privacy extensions on Firefox.

1. WhatsApp Lock

WhatsApp Lock is one of the best extensions to keep your conversations private on WhatsApp Web. With background masking and fingerprint protection features, this app prevents others from opening your conversations without permission.

2. Incognito Chat for WhatsApp

With Incognito Chat for WhatsApp, you can set conversations in incognito mode so they are not saved in your chat history. Additional features include messages that will be automatically deleted after being read by the recipient.

3. Private History

The Private History extension allows users to automatically delete chat history after exiting a chat session. This way, your chat history will always be maintained and not stored in your browser.

4. Ghostery

Ghostery not only protects your privacy when browsing but can also protect your activity when using services such as WhatsApp Web. This extension is able to block ad tracking and ensure that your activities are not monitored by third parties.

5. DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

Apart from being a safe and private search engine, DuckDuckGo also has a Privacy Essentials extension which can provide an additional layer of protection when using chat services such as WhatsApp Web in Firefox.

6. Blur: Protect your passwords, payments & privacy

Blur not only protects passwords and online payments but also provides an anonymous tracking feature so that your activity on the internet can be better protected.

7. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is a popular extension that automatically blocks ad tracking and optimizes browser performance by protecting your privacy when using chat services like WhatsApp Web.

Each extension has its own advantages and disadvantages in maintaining your privacy when using chat services such as WhatsApp Web in the Firefox browser. Choose the one that suits your needs and preferences to get a safer and more comfortable user experience.

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