How Does QuickPath Keyboard Work For IPhone And IPad?

QuickPath Keyboard: After several years of waiting, Apple users will finally be able to use a swipe keyboard integrated directly into the operating system of the iPhone and iPad.

How Does QuickPath Keyboard Work for iPhone and iPad?
How Does QuickPath Keyboard Work for iPhone and iPad?

With iOS 13, in fact, you can haveQuickPathas default on the phone thus having the ability to write by sliding your finger on the keyboard of your Apple device.

This functionality is very convenient, thanks also to the presence of automatic word completion: in this fashion, writing texts and messages will be much easier and faster.

The Keybord swipe orsliding keyboardis not a feature that has always been present in Apple devices. In 2014 with the release of iOS 8, Apple allowed the introduction of third-party sliding keyboards thanks to the apps that could be downloaded from the App Store.

With the arrival ofiOS 13andiPadOS 13, Apple has finally added this functionality to its native iOS keyboard without the need to download other applications: this new function is calledQuickPathand allows you to write text without lifting your finger from the keyboard.

How to use the QuickPath keyboard for iPhone

Thanks to the use of theQuickPathkeyboard for iPhone you can now slide your finger on the screen to form words. Suppose you want to write the word “iPhone”: first place your finger on “i”, then quickly scroll to “p”, “h” and the rest of the letters in sequence, without lifting your finger from the screen.

When you are done, the device shouldautomaticallycapitalize the “P”, thanks to the automatic correction. After each word, the system also inserts a space so you can move on to the next word.

At first, this new way of writing may take some practice, but once you get used to it, you will be much faster.

If you happen to have to write words withdouble lettersusing QuickPath all you have to do is type a single letter, thanks to the automatic correction: for example, if you want to write “Apple” just scroll over the read “p” only once . Your device will automatically identify the word and write it correctly.

QuickPath Keyboard for iPhone

QuickPathis not present as the default feature on the iPad’sfull-width keyboard. Dragging your finger from one part of the tablet keyboard to the other would be neither comfortable nor convenient: however, you can comfortably use QuickPath if you activate the miniature keyboard on the device.

To do this, open the iPad with the full-width keyboard and slide two fingers over the keyboard as to make it smaller: you will notice that a smaller keypad will open which you can drag on the screen and place in the position you prefer.

With thekeypad itwill be much more convenient and faster to use the scrolling writing function to write your message or note. Once finished, all you have to do is use your two fingers to zoom over the keypad as if to enlarge it and everything will return to normal.

How to access numbers, punctuation marks and symbols

One thing that can slow down the speed of scrolling ispunctuation.

Fortunately, there is a quick way to select numbers, punctuation marks and other common symbols: if you hold down the “123” button you will switch to the keyboard display with numbers, symbols, and punctuation and even in this case you will not have to do anything butscroll on the keyboardto select the numbers or symbols you want to use.

How to select an Emoji

Selecting anemojican be cumbersome with QuickPath because you will have to scroll through the various emoji tabs and select the one useful for your context.

A very useful method to overcome this research is totype the name ofthe emoji you want to use (for example “smile”): at this point in the appropriate bar above the keyboard the emoji you want should appear.

Have you tried QuickPath for a few hours or days but don’t like it?If you are no longer interested in using QuickPath and want to disable it, you will have to go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard and disable the “Scroll to start writing” option.

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