How to Raise Your Hand in Zoom Meeting

To get the most out of your Zoom lectures or conferences, it is important to know how you can participate.

Zoom’s show of hands feature allows you to let the organizer know if you have a question or concern during the meeting or class. Here, we will show you how to raise your hand in a Zoom meeting.

How to Raise Your Hand in Zoom Meeting
How to Raise Your Hand in Zoom Meeting

How to Raise Your Hand in Zoom meeting

What is Zoom’s raise hand function?

Before we delve into how to raise your hand while using Zoom, we’ll give you some background on the feature. Just like you would physically raise your hand during an in-person class, Zoom lets you do it virtually.

Zoom’s Raise Hand feature allows attendees to let the host know if they want to ask a question or comment on something.

This is much better than physically raising your hand, which would be counterintuitive during a virtual meeting. Instead, simply press the Raise Handin Zoom button, which allows you to virtually “raise your hand”.

Therefore, it is essential to know how to raise your hand in Zoom. Without knowing how to use this feature, it will be difficult to interact with the host.

1. How to raise your hand with zoom on Android and iOS

On mobile devices, you can raise your hand in Zoom by doing the following:

  1. Tap the screen to reactivate the webinar controls.
  2. TapMore.
  3. SelectRaise handto raise your hand. The host will be informed immediately that you have raised your hand. If the host is ready to hear your question, it will ask you to unmute the microphone (if disabled).
  4. To reactivate the microphone, tapResume, then ask your question.
  5. To lower your hand, tapMore> Lower your hand.

Also, remember to mute the sound when you’re done talking. Lowering your hand will not automatically mute the microphone.

2. How to raise your hand with zoom on desktop or web

Whether you’ve attended a meeting using the Zoom desktop app on Mac, Windows, or Linux, or you’re using Zoom from a web browser, follow these steps to raise your hand:

  1. TapAttendeesfrom the bottom menu bar.
  2. SelectRaise your handin the popup. If you like using shortcuts, useAlt + Y(Windows) orOption + Y(Mac) to raise your hand.
  3. If the meeting organizer wants you to speak, they will ask you to unmute the microphone. TapReactivatefrom the popup to do so.
  4. You can lower your hand by clicking onAttendees> Lower Hand. Alternatively, useAlt + Y(Windows) orOption + Y(Mac).
  5. Again, remember to mute after answering your question.

3. How to raise your hand on Zoom by phone

In addition to desktop and mobile, you can also join a Zoom meeting via phone. If you entered a Zoom meeting with your phone, raise your hand by dialing* 9.

When participating over the phone, Zoom does not currently allow you to drop your hand. However, a meeting host can lower their hand from its end, so you won’t have to worry about getting stuck with your hand raised.

Take an active part in Zoom webinars

As useful as Zoom’s Raise Hand feature is, the platform gives meeting hosts all the power over the feature. This means that the host can choose to disable or enable the feature.

So, if you don’t see theraise your hand button, the meeting organizer may have disabled it. If so, you can ask them to enable the feature.

There are also some circumstances where you might not see the webinar control bar at the bottom. In this case on the web or desktop app, hover over the meeting to see the controls. On Android or iOS, simply tap the screen.

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