How to Reach the Max Levels in Destiny 2 With as Little Grinding as Possible

Ultimately, you want to find the best ways to achieve your in-game goals with the minimum effort necessary, and as quickly as possible.

How to Reach the Max Levels in Destiny 2
How to Reach the Max Levels in Destiny 2

How to Reach the Max Levels in Destiny 2 With as Little Grinding as Possible

Minimal grinding and good game progression will always be your aim, but some gamers might even feel that the grind has become a bit much in Destiny 2, in a number of ways.

No need to panic, the more XP you earn the greater the power level you will receive. This can have a noticeable impact when it comes to accelerating your Artifact’s progression.

There are several great strategies that will help you to reach max levels in Destiny 2 with minimal grinding. Using a Destiny 2 recovery is one of them. We will talk about that in a while, but first, let’s run through a leveling guide with a look at Pinnacle Gear, Powerful Gear sources, and Max Level cap in greater detail.

Understanding these aspects of the Destiny 2 game will give you the insights needed to reach beyond the level cap for the latest power level increase.

Exploring what’s new with the latest Destiny 2 expansion and season

The bottom line is that every new Destiny 2 expansion that hits the streets comes with an even higher power level cap to attain.

You will quickly discover that Destiny 2s fifth-year Season of the Seraph is fundamentally no different than previous incarnations. The challenges are just as fiendish, but there are some new twists and ground rules to get your head around.

One of the most noticeable aspects to note about this latest offering is the fact that the playing field has been leveled to a certain extent. The Witch Queen represents a point where everyone now starts at the same base gear level. This happens irrespective of when you started playing.

As you would expect, there are loads of Gear sources and multiple level caps to target from that point.

It is fundamentally important to appreciate that your Destiny 2 leveling achievements will be critically enhanced if you manage to learn exactly where in the game to concentrate on Pinnacle Gear and Powerful Gear sources.

It is generally accepted that getting Pinnacle Gear can be a grind. But it doesn’t have to be. You can learn the shortcuts and get help if you want to get to your levels as quickly as you can.

The upshot of this strategy is that you will have to adjust your priorities and focus at certain points so that you hone in on the activities in order for your leveling to give you the right access and help to conquer the challenge of the end-game content.

Don’t worry if the wave of new information and strategies seems like a bit of an information overload to start with. You will soon get the hang of what’s needed to make the required progress in Destiny 2 with minimal grinding.

A technical note

Before we delve into specific aspects of the game that will help you reach the required caps it should be noted that this Destiny 2 max level cap exceeds what you would have experienced with 1590.

This is due to the seasonal artefact. What you will discover is that each new season will provide you with this item. The trick is to level it up with XP to earn a series of bonuses.

Leveling up with XP means you are rewarded with a series of bonuses. Combined with temporary additional levels, which also add to your power, this will give you what you need to exceed the level cap.

It is easy to check your progress with regard to current levels by accessing the main gear screen. You also get the chance to see what the artefact is contributing via the same display screen.

Understanding how gear level works

What you need to remember about how gear levels work in Destiny 2 is that there are three distinct caps that you need to work towards reaching.

Each one of these has its own individual requirements when it comes to the different sources of gear that you have to try and level up beyond.

For reference, here is a look at what these are –

  • The Base Gear level requires a 1350 power level.
  • Powerful Gear cap is set at a 1580 power level.
  • Soft/Legendary Gear cap has a 1530 power level
  • Pinnacle Gear cap requires you to reach a 1590 power level

The inside track on fast and efficient leveling

It pays to learn which sources deliver power loot. This is because it is a tactic that gets you to your leveling target as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A key point to bear in mind is that if you can discover how to get to Legendary Gear this will lead you to the 1530 soft cap in the game. It should be noted that a lot of your activities will result in dropping loot up to the so-called soft legendary cap of 1530.

The relevance of this is that when you embark on a new expansion in Destiny 2 you have the luxury of playing the game in a way that suits you in order to level up.

Some of the elements of the game that are included in this part of the game include the following activities-

  • You will need to complete activities such as lost sectors and strikes, as well as opening loot chests.
  • Decrypt blue and purple engrams
  • Legacy raids including Garden of Salvation and Last Wish
  • Drops achieved by opening Paraversal Hauls from Xur

There is no issue with completing Pinnacle Gear and Powerful Gear activities if that is what you want to do, as it will prove beneficial to you. Although you should be mindful that these drops will align with your current level rather than send you past it.

A good tip to also keep in mind is that you should steer clear of infusing at this point. Infusing allows you to alter the power of certain pieces of gear by consuming another, but it is not worth doing until you at least reach the powerful gear stage.

The reason for this is that it will consistently be outstripped by something else prior to reaching the power gear stage.

It is perfectly plausible to get to your 1530 target by playing the activities that you favor. Playing Crucible matches and Public Events will help speed up the process.

Time to seek out Powerful Gear

If you want to get to the soft cap as quickly as possible a great way to do that would be to focus your attention on Powerful Gear sources.

One of the quickest ways to get to the 1580 cap in Destiny 2 is to seek out Powerful Gear. You will find that Legendary Engrams and Standard Loot come to a stop at 1530. It is at that point that you will have to work on certain activities that have the ability to increase your level beyond that number.

This part of the game is where players tend to find that the grind becomes a little more detailed and noticeable.

Rather than depending on each individual activity to drop something that has the ability to increase your power level, your focus now needs to switch to a series of weekly challenges that need to be completed.

There is an extensive list of weekly challenges that you can work your way through. These include –

  • Trials of Osiris
  • Exotic Engrams
  • Complete eight Bounties for a vendor
  • Strike and Gambit activities

You will also be presented with the opportunity to complete a selection of one-time sources related to Powerful Gear. These will include the likes of Exotic Quest rewards, for instance.

A good recommendation would be to prioritize the eight Bounties for each vendor. Bounties should be viewed as a priority because they will get you XP so that you are able to level your artefact, as well as leveling your season pass for additional drops.

Other key points worth remembering at this stage are that by completing the Legendary campaign you will be awarded a gear set at 1530. This is inferior to the Powerful Gear cap but it is a good stepping stone if you are still finding your way around Destiny 2.

Need some help?

These insights should prove helpful in giving you a reasonable amount of game knowledge so that you have a better idea of how to reach the max levels in Destiny 2 with minimal grinding.

Another excellent tactic to consider would be to use a recovery service.

A recovery service will share your account user details to play in piloted mode. This type of boosting function gives you access to professional gamers who can show you ways to play Destiny 2 in the most efficient and expedient way possible.

Playing Destiny 2 is always going to be a learning curve, even if you already have some gaming experience behind you. It makes sense to look at this sort of option if you want to get to the max levels of the game with the least amount of grinding possible.

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