Easy Way To Register OVO Paylater, Shopping Pay Later!

Today has not registered with OVO Paylater? Check out the way to register OVO Paylater that you must know here.

Easy Way To Register OVO Paylater, Shopping Pay Later!

Lately, finance technology or fintech services are booming . Popping up one by one, now many fintechs are present in the form of applications to facilitate a variety of trading activities.

Fintech popularized the way of cashless shopping ; one that is popular and has many user bases is OVO .

Here’s the Easy Way to Register OVO Paylater, Shopping Pay Later!

Developed by the Lippo Group, OVO has now been integrated with the Tokopedia trading platform to the online motorcycle taxi Grab .

Adding to the type of service, now it is also known that PayVater’s OVO service can make shopping even easier.

How to Register OVO Paylater

For you OVO users, it’s not wrong if you still feel unfamiliar with OVO Paylater service because its presence is still fairly new, unlike OVO Points that were popular first.

OVO Paylater is a new OVO service that was introduced in January 2019 , which until now has been collaborating with Tokopedia and will continue to add merchants to other physical and virtual products.

Basically, OVO Paylater is a low-interest online installment service that is quite interesting for you who want to buy a dream product on credit.

OVO cooperates with Taralite to deliver peer-to – peer credit services that we now know as OVO Paylater .

Interested in registering for OVO Paylater? If so, We has summarized the steps and how to register for OVO Paylater , see yes.

Paylater OVO Register Requirements

Before you can register and have a Paylater OVO account , you need to fulfill some predetermined conditions, gang.

Not difficult, really ; following the OVO Paylater registration requirements :

  • Have an OVO account for at least 60 (sixty) days
  • Already upgraded to OVO Premier account
  • Photo ID card
  • Fill in the identity form

Steps to Register for OVO Paylater

As we has said before in the OVO Paylater registration requirements section, that you must have been registered as the owner of an OVO Premier account.

Here’s how to register an OVO Premier account :

  • Open the OVO application
  • Go to the Finance tab
  • Click Start in the box that says Upgrade to OVO Premier
  • Click the Upgrade Now button on the next page
  • Click Start on the next page
  • Your photo card (KTP) at this stage

Then select the location of the nearest OVO kiosk to complete the upgrade process

By passing the above stages, then your account is now registered as OVO Premier, as one of the stages to be able to register an OVO Paylater account later, gang.

After that, the OVO will do an analysis of the information you have provided and process it, to then be offered to join OVO Paylater services.

In order to find out whether your account was selected for Paylater OVO registration or not, you can check the Home page or the Finance tab periodically in the OVO application .

Paylater OVO Activation in the Tokopedia Application

Apart from the OVO application, you can also register for an OVO Paylater account through the Tokopedia app, gang; follow the steps below:

  • Open the Tokopedia application on the cellphone
  • Sign in to your account page you
  • Click the Activate Now button in the Tokopedia Pay section
  • You will be asked to enter the mobile number registered in your OVO account
  • Wait for the verification code SMS to arrive, then enter the code in the box in the Tokopedia application
  • After that, the button Activate Now on your account page will be changed to account details OVO you
  • Click View All> OVO
  • You will find your submission in progress under the OVO balance top-up box

Periodic checks need to be made to the OVO page on the Tokopedia application, to ensure that the PayVater OVO account registration on the Tokopedia application has been successful or not.

OVO Paylater Installment Provisions

After your OVO Paylater account submission is successful , then you can already make installments at various merchants who have collaborated with OVO Paylater or Tokopedia.

When installments begin, bills will be made on the 27th of every month , depending on the tenor or time period you choose when crediting a product at the beginning of the purchase.

If the installments are not paid past the 27th of the month, the interest of 0.1% per day will be charged to the installments until they are paid.

You can pay in OVO Paylater bills through various payment methods, starting from Indomaret, ATM machines, mBanking virtual accounts , and others.

OVO Paylater, Can You Buy Anything?

After you register for OVO Paylater , you can get a variety of conveniences, especially for shopping physical and / or virtual products, such as:

  • Tokopedia merchant products
  • Cellphone credit
  • Electricity pulse
  • Gift card
  • eMoney
  • Alms
  • Mutual fund
  • Gold

The final word

Now your curiosity about how to register OVO Paylater has been answered right? One of the most popular eWallet applications in Indonesia can also provide credit facilities via OVO Paylater.

Hopefully the summary of how to register for OVO Paylater can help you to have a dream product or buy credit without cash literally, because the payment can be on the 27th after payday.

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