How to Restore A Hacked Instagram Account! It’s Easy

As social media is booming right now, Instagram is a soft nest for hacker . Not counted how many Instagram accounts were hacked alias burglarized.

How to restore a hacked Instagram account! It's easy

Starting from the artist to the class telegram or people who are quite influential in Instagram account must have been in collapse alias in the hack at the hacker with different purposes.

Restore a Hacked Instagram Account

Most people will immediately be confused and panic when their Instagram account has been hacked . Even though there is a way to return an Instagram account that was hacked , it’s not hard really easy! Do you want to know how? Check out the review below!

The following steps are done via the Instagram website.

1. Open then select ” Privacy & Safety “.

So, if your Instagram account is hacked then don’t hesitate to ask for help via then choose Privacy & Safety menu > Report Something > Hacked Account > I Think my account has been hacked > Report it to us .

After that, there will be some questions that arise and you need to fill them in correctly and as clearly as possible.

2. Same as the first step, but select the ” Impersonation Account ” menu.

The steps are almost the same as above, only choose the Impersonation Account menu to report that your account was taken over by someone else. Keep in mind, to report your account that was hacked using this method, you must fill out the form that has been provided by Instagram with the full email that you used to register early to Instagram.

Also, make sure now your Instagram account has been renamed or not. If you change your name, then you must enter the name that is now used by your account so that Instagram can easily help restore it.

3. If you have successfully reported, then your Instagram account will be lost!

No need to panic, it is indeed a step from Instagram to ensure that there is indeed a burglary action against your account. You won’t be able to search your account name in the search field and when you type your account name, ” user not found ” will appear .

Remember, when your account name cannot be found, don’t try to register again on Instagram with the same account name. You see, it can actually make Instagram confused and actually makes you feel like the party is hacking your account.

4. Don’t be bored check email!

After the report, check your email. Are there any incoming messages from Instagram regarding your report. If there really is an incoming email from Instagram regarding the steps you need to take regarding returning your account, then follow immediately.

Usually, Instagram will ask you to do the following instructions: handwrite your account name and full name and secret code from Instagram on white paper. Then photograph your face and the white paper to verify that you are the real owner of the account.

Try to either position or face in accordance with one of the photos you have uploaded on Instagram or at least similar to your profile photo.

5. Instagram will also send an email regarding the form you need to fill (again) to restore your account!

So, after sending a reply email related to data verification and yourself, Instagram will once again send you a form that needs to be filled in with personal data, especially photos or ID copies. Reply and fill in this e-mail as clearly as possible guys ! Do not get important information or fill fields that are not filled.

6. If you have done the steps above, be patient waiting for Instagram replies.

Yes, usually around 4 to 7 days the new Instagram will reply and return the account to yours again. The sign that your account has returned is the appearance of your username in the Search column.

Follow the steps to recover your account in accordance with the last reply email from Instagram and you are ready to use your Instagram account again.

How about guys , it’s easy right? Even though the process is a bit long but it’s worth it to restore your Instagram account again! Try practicing once your account is hacked .

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