Easy Ways to Restore PUBG Account Forgot Email | Restore Your Lost Account

Want to play the PUBG Mobile game again but the account is lost? Relax, immediately apply how to restore PUBG Mobile account that forgot the email below.

The PUBG Mobile game is a battle-royale type game that is quite popular. Both among Android and iPhone cellphone users, this game is one of the idols.

Easy Ways to Restore a PUBG Account Forgot Email
Easy Ways to Restore a PUBG Account Forgot Email

Easy Ways to Restore PUBG Account Forgot Email

In the PUBG Mobile game, you and 99 other players will also be sent to the middle of nowhere. On the island, you can choose a variety of weapons available. And the winner is determined by who can be the only defending player.

Until now, the PUBG Mobile game is still one of the games that has the most players. Through this battle-royale type game, you can get the excitement and tense nuance of fighting with 100 other players.

There are many ways to log in this game. Can use Gmail, Facebook, or login as Guest orGuest. The latter, namelyGuest, is for those of you who are curious and want to just try.

Easy access is one of the advantages of this game. And of course if someone else hacked their PUBG account it would be annoying, right? Unfortunately, when you want to restore your PUBG account you forget your email password.

As the saying goes, ‘It has fallen over the stairs’. But just calm down, there’s no need to panic. There are several ways to restore a PUBG account that forgot email. Before that, first understand what causes your PUBG Mobile account to be lost or inaccessible.

Cause of Lost PUBG Mobile Account

Based on the explanations of many players, most of the causes of missing PUBG Mobile accounts are the negligence of the owner. There are those who are tempted by free UC from the internet, forget their password, or even deliberately spread their email password to others.

Like a key, an email or social media password is something that cannot be shared with just anyone. Even in any place or platform. You can only enter your email and password on a trusted platform – which promises data security.

Especially now that it is easier for us to find websites that claim to be able to provide free UC. Usually, the website will ask you to enter your email and password from the PUBG Mobile account.

In fact, most of these websites arephishing type websites. FYI, phishing is a fraudulent technique that promises various advantages and benefits in exchange for accessing users’ personal data.

That is, don’t let you easily share your account ID and password to websites that like to give free UC, huh.

How to Restore a PUBG Mobile Account Forgot Email

Luckily, there are two steps you can try to restore the PUBG Mobile account that forgot your email. You can use the Gmail account recovery feature or contact Tencent Customer Service. For more details, see the description below.

How to Recover a Forgotten Gmail Account Password

Even though forgetting your password is a form of negligence, you don’t need to be too sorry. Many people also experience it, really. In fact, Google has also prepared three things that are needed to anticipate this incident.

These three things include Security Questions, Recovery Email Address, and Recovery Phone Number. Therefore, to restore a PUBG Mobile account that forgot your email, you need to restore your Gmail account first. More complete, here are the steps.

  1. Access theGmail Account Recovery page. Clickhereto speed up.
  2. Enter the email address or phone number used to register the email. After that, click on theNext button.
  3. Enter the old password that you have ever used. Then click theNext button.
  4. Then a notification window will appear containing theRecovery Email.Click theTry another Questionmenu
  5. You can enter answers to the security questions that appear.
  6. After that, enter the requested data, starting from the full name to the date of birth. Finally, you will be asked to create a new password. Remember, come up with a new password that’s complex but easy to remember, huh.

If your Gmail account has been retrieved, now you can access your PUBG Mobile account with that email. Easy enough, right?

Report to PUBG Mobile Customer Service

Actually, this is not a recommended step. The problem is it takes patience because it takes a long time. But, you could say this is the most effective step. You only need the PUBG Mobile account ID number, then send an account return request to Tencent.

For more details, follow the steps outlined below, yes.

  1. Open theGmailapp then click the ‘+‘ button to compose a new email.
  2. Send an email aimed at the addressPUBGMOBILE_CS@tencentgames.com
  3. Fill in theEmail Subjectfieldwith the information ”I Can’t log in to My PUBG Account
  4. In the body of the email, write a request. To make it easier, you cancopy and paste theinformation below:

Please help me, i cant login to my account. I think someone stole my account through phishing website and use illegal program. Here is my account detail

ID: (fill in your ID)
username: (write your PUBG Mobile username)

Please check my account and help me to take back my account

  • Send and wait for a reply from Tencent Mobile. And when Tencent replies, usually you will be asked a question that serves to verify your ownership of the account.
  • Answer the question then wait. After that, you will also be given access to open a PUBG Mobile account again.

It must be admitted that the way to restore a PUBG account that forgot the email above is quite complicated and takes a long time. But, if that could get you back into combat, it would be worth the effort, right?

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