WhatsApp has become an indispensable application, with it we communicate with family and friends and share countless files, such as photos or videos. And that is precisely why one of the main problems may come when we change devices.

Restore Your WhatsApp Chat History on a New iPhone
Restore Your WhatsApp Chat History on a New iPhone

If you just bought a new iPhone, first of all you must make a backup of WhatsApp from your old iPhone so you can restore all the chats with all the images and videos shared. This way you can restore them to your new device.

Restore Your WhatsApp Chat History on a New iPhone

Fortunately WhatsApp has a powerful backup tool that is compatible with iCloud, so we can transfer all our chats to our new iPhone. However, first of all, before you even download WhatsApp on the new iPhone, follow these steps on your old device:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to Settings .
  • Now click on Chats and Backup .
  • It will appear when the last copy is.
  • If it is not today, press copy now to save all your chats.
  • Wait for the copy to finish.

Now that you have a recent copy of your WhatsApp chat history, which also includes all the shared files, it’s time to uninstall WhatsApp from your old iPhone and install it on the new one.

Before opening WhatsApp, make sure you are logged in with the Apple ID account you had on the other iPhone, it is a step you will take when you start the iPhone for the first time.

Once you are logged in and have WhatsApp installed on the new device, enter your phone, enter the password and follow the steps to restore your chat history . It may take a few minutes for the restoration, when it finishes you will see all your chat history on your new iPhone again.

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