How To Restrict Indihome WiFi Users

Restrict Indihome WiFi Users: WiFi network that has many users can make the wifi speed slow. Moreover, if you use Indihome services on Fiberhome, Huawei, ZTE, or other modems, you must know how to limit wifi users so that they are not slow.

How to Restrict Indihome WiFi Users
How to Restrict Indihome WiFi Users

If you are a business business owner that provides free wifi services, surely you don’t want your wifi network to slow down right? Therefore, you must limit wifi users so that internet speed remains stable.

Limit wifi users, no need for additional applications or software. You can directly set it up via PC or via cellphone.

Slow WiFi is generally caused by the large number of users and people who know your wifi access. And by limiting WiFi users, you can make your speed and bandwidth stable again from the use of strangers.

Actually, the simplest solution is to change your wifi password. But if you don’t want to change your password, one solution is to limit wifi users.

How to Restrict Indihome WiFi Users

How to Restrict Indihome WiFi Users
How to Restrict Indihome WiFi Users

If you are a user of indihome fiberhome services, then you can easily limit wifi users. Because the feature to limit users has been provided in the Fiberhome WiFi admin panel.

Here’s how to limit fiberhome wifi users:

  1. Connect your device to the WiFi network.
  2. Visit the admin panel at IP192.168.1.1through a web browser.
  3. Login using theadminusername and password .
  4. Go toNetworkmenu >Wlan Settings>WiFi Control.
  5. Set the value in theSSIDcolumn that you want to limit.
  6. Enter the number according to the maximum user connected to the wifi.
  7. Then click theApplybutton to save the changes.

In essence, if for example you want wifi to only be used by a maximum of 6 people, then fill in the number 6 in the SSID column. Then press the Apply button to apply your changes.

Restricting Wifi on Huawei HG8245H

If you use a Huawei HG8245H modem from another provider, you can also easily limit wifi users. Just set the modem configuration through the Huawei panel admin page.

How to limit wifi users on the Huawei hg8245h modem:

  1. Connect the laptop or cellphone to your wifi.
  2. Open the browser then go to ip192.168.100.1to access the admin panel.
  3. Enter the usernamerootand passwordadminto login.
  4. Go to theWLANmenu >WLAN Basic Configuration.
  5. Determine which SSID the user wants to be restricted.
  6. Set the numbers in theNumber of Associated Devicescolumn .
  7. Finally click theApplybutton to save.

The number listed in theNumber of Associated Devicescolumn is the maximum number of users who can connect to wifi with your Huawei modem. Determine the number in accordance with the maximum number of wifi users that you want to limit.

How to Restrict ZTE WiFi Users

You can also set the maximum number of wifi users that use a ZTE modem. The method is not much different from the modem in general, you only need to access the ZTE modem panel admin page.

How to set the maximum number of users on wifi on a ZTE modem:

  1. Make sure your device is connected to a WiFi network.
  2. Type IP192.168.1.1then enter to open the admin panel.
  3. Login using the admin anduserpassword .
  4. If the login is successful, enter theNetworkmenu >SSID Settings.
  5. Choose which SSID you want to set the maximum user for.
  6. Change the number in theMaximum Clientscolumn according to the maximum number of wifi users you want.
  7. Then press theSubmitbutton to apply your changes.

Set wifi user restrictions on the ZTE modem above, not much different from the way for modems Huawei, Fiberhome and other modems.

NetCut application

Netcut is an application that is able to manage bandwidth and can even disconnect wifi from all devices connected to our indihome wifi.

How to use netcut for wifi:

  1. Download and install theNetCutapplicationfor PC or laptop.
  2. Then open the application.
  3. Then all devices connected to wifi will appear.
  4. To slow down other devices, just swipe the scroll to the left.
  5. If the scroll position is fully left, then the device has been disconnected from wifi.
  6. To restore it, move the scroll right.
  7. Done.

In menu box2 the trusted useris the network of your wifi and your PC. Whereas theother networkmenu box is another device that is connected to the same wifi as you.

This application also has a feature to disconnect all devices connected to the WiFi network. Just click the Cut Off All button, and all devices will be disconnected except yours.

This is how to Restrict Indihome WiFi Users on Huawei, ZTE, and other modems. Hopefully useful and use this method wisely, good luck!

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