How To Find Out IndiHome WiFi Password

IndiHome WiFi Password: IndiHome is one of the most widely used internet service products from Telkom. But the most common problem is that users forget the WiFi password from IndiHome.

How to Find Out IndiHome WiFi Password
How to Find Out IndiHome WiFi Password

How to Find Out IndiHome WiFi Password

It might be because you change your password often or maybe because you have activated the auto connect feature the first time you connect WiFi to the device being used.

However, if a new device that will access WiFi then you forget the WiFi password, then the problem will arise.

The cool thing is, if you forget the last IndiHome WiFi password that was created, you can use a device that is still connected to this WiFi connection. Or use a PC / Laptop that uses a direct connection from an IndiHome modem.

1. via Modem

The first way you can try if you forget your IndiHome WiFi password is with modem access.

Steps to find out the wifi password via modem:

  • Open a browser on your PC / Laptop, then type then press Enter .
  • Next enter using your IndiHome account username and password.
  • In the main menu, select the Set Up Wireless menu and select the SSID name or the WiFi name that you created.
  • Next look at the password in the SSID.

Then your IndiHome WiFi password is known again.

2. via Computer

Apart from the modem access to find out the Wifi password, there are other ways you can try.

The second way you can try is with a Laptop / PC that is connected directly with an IndiHome WiFi connection.

1. Windows 7

How to find indihome passwords on Windows 7:

  • Right- click on the WiFi icon at the bottom right of your Laptop / PC screen.
  • Click Open Network and Sharing Center.
  • Double click on SSID WiFi.
  • Then click Wireless properties.
  • After Wireless Network Properties open, select the Security tab.
  • Click the Show Characters checkbox to bring up the password.

2. Windows 10

How to find indihome passwords on Windows 10:

  • Open Settings then select the Network & Internet menu.
  • On the Status tab , scroll down the menu then click on the Network and Sharing Center menu.
  • Click on the connected WiFi section.
  • After a new tab appears, clickWireless Properties.
  • Select theSecurityTab and click theShow characters column.

Then your IndiHome WiFi password will appear. To avoid this incident from happening again, it helps you note down and save your WiFi password.

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