How To Root Galaxy Young GT-S5360 Without A PC

In this blog we will discuss how to root Galaxy Young GT-S5360.

How to Root Galaxy Young GT-S5360 without a PC
How to Root Galaxy Young GT-S5360 without a PC

Before proceeding, please read first about the advantages and disadvantages of root.

Root Pros:

    • Can freely change data and delete system files or factory defaults that are not important.
    • Can accelerate Android Smartphone Performance.
    • Can move all android applications to the memory card.
    • Change the smartphone display with some unique and interesting icons.


    • Eliminates Android Smartphone Smartphone warranty.
    • Safety Issues. In a sense, all viruses / malware will easily enter the Android smartphone.

Without further ado, we just proceed to the steps to root this Galaxy Y.

How to Root Galaxy Young GT-S5360 without a PC

Make sure your battery is enough first to start these steps. (Minimum 70%, because it will take quite a long time)

1. Friend must download the supporting application below here.


2. After downloading, save the file on the memory card (don’t extract it and don’t put it in the memory card folder to make it easier to find it. Put it outside the memory card folder only).

3. Turn off Galaxy Y buddy.

4. After being completely dead, enter Recovery Mode by pressing the Power + Volume Up + Home button simultaneously.

5. After being in Recovery Mode, select “Apply SD Card form update”.
Note: Volume Up : for the up cursor, Down : down cursor, and Home : select .

6. After that, look for the file “” that was downloaded earlier.

7. Wait until the process is complete.

8. When finished, select “Reboot System Now”

9. Wait for the screen to appear. (it might take a while to reboot, so please be patient)

10. After power on, then check whether the superuser application is on the menu or not.

If there is, congratulations! Your Galaxy Y has been successfully rooted.
If it doesn’t or doesn’t work, repeat the steps above.

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