Safe Surfing in Cyberspace | Use a Proxy Server Right Now

When users surf the internet, apart from being able to freely access information, there are risks involved. This is what users should be aware of, one of which is by using a proxy.

Use a Proxy Server Right Now
Use a Proxy Server Right Now

Safe Surfing in Cyberspace | Use a Proxy Server Right Now

Without users using this server, the IP address of the user can appear clearly in cyberspace. Therefore, this IP address must be protected from being misused.

Definition of Proxy

For users who still don’t know what Proxy is, it is time for users to understand more about Proxy. The proxy itself is a system that allows users to access the internet network using a different IP address received by the device. In order to function properly, a proxy server is needed.

Where the proxy for the server is a computer that is used to provide various proxy services that are needed by users. So, users can use the internet network and connect to the proxy.

How Proxies Work

How Proxies Work
How Proxies Work

The way this Proxy works is actually not too complicated, even relatively simple. Where users as users use a proxy service and then ask for data on the internet.

Then the Proxy will continue to the internet which can be likened to the Proxy that has asked for it.

When the proxy server has what the users want, then the proxy will send a response to users as if it is the public server.

Benefits of Using a Proxy

If users use a proxy, there are many benefits that can be obtained. What are the benefits?

1. Can Save More Bandwidth

By using a proxy, users can save more bandwidth from an internet connection because of the caching process that stores cookies from sites that have previously been visited.

2. Use the Internet More Smoothly

Users definitely want to use the internet freely, right? The solution is to use a proxy. Because proxies can improve the performance of the internet. That way, internet access can be smoother and faster.

3. Safer Internet Network

In addition to getting the speed of internet access, users also benefit from a more secure computer network. By using a proxy, Users can be safe from virus attacks and malware interference.

4. Able to Block Prohibited

Sites Sites that contain SARA and other prohibited sites can be blocked automatically when users use a proxy. This is due to the availability of a filtering feature.

Types of Proxies

Before you use it, it’s good if you know what the types of proxies are.

1. Transparent Proxy

It is recommended that we do not use this type of proxy. Because IP user can be seen clearly in cyberspace which can harm users. An even more serious problem is that your IP address can be banned permanently.

2. Anonymous Proxy

AnonymousProxy will identify itself as a proxy but will not forward the original IP address that users are using. So that users are not suspected, it will be an IP address that will be assigned.

3. High Anoymith Proxy

This type of proxy will not provide IP addresses for users. When user opens a site, their’ IP address cannot be read by the site or the internet. But users will only be read as clients.

4. Distorting Proxy This

Type of proxy will make the IP address of the user invisible. It is almost the same as Anonymous Proxy, but Anonymous Proxy will change the real IP address. Meanwhile, Distorting Proxy will do engineering on the IP address of users.

Those are some things you need to know aboutproxies. So, later user can consider using it for convenience and safety when using the internet.

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